10 Best Countries In The World To Live


Surely more than once you have asked yourself where you would live if you did not have a job, family, friends and a flat bought in the country where you currently reside. That is, where would you take root if you did not already have created ones?

The factors that decide the suitability of a country to be chosen as a permanent residence are many, varied and, above all, subjective. Days of sunshine per year, gastronomy, infrastructures, educational system, sanitary quality, cost of living, language, type of culture, security, hospitality of the inhabitants, labor market, technological development, cleaning and much more information at TheForbiz.Com.

Each person will give a different importance to each of these factors. In fact, you will come to consider many others.

However, trying to make a list of the best countries in the world to live, these are the names that usually occupy positions of honor (the order is totally random):

1. Spain

Despite the imperfections that our country has, the truth is that we are lucky to have been born in it. Proof of this is that Spain is the destination dreamed by a large part of the people who live in central and northern Europe. They hope to be able to retire in our country.

The reasons that support the presence of Spain among the best countries in the world to live are several: one of the best health systems in the world (and, in addition, it is public), pleasant climate, good infrastructures, high security, beaches, varied gastronomy and healthy, high life expectancy, quality of life, and hospitality of the people.

Like all the nations of the world, it has its bad things, but the truth is that they win good ones by a landslide.

2. Canada

The second largest country in the world is a peaceful and beautiful land, ideal for living. Paradoxically, one of the main reasons why Canada is among the best countries in the world to live is the fact that it is very little inhabited.

Canada is a nation in which Mother Nature possesses almost unlimited powers. Forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys … The air is pure, animals run freely and their main cities – Toronto and Montreal – are modern, clean and safe cities, in which people live happily.

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3. New Zealand

And if in Canada nature is a great protagonist, in New Zealand it seems that the Maori gods that created the country remembered the human being just on the bell.

New Zealand is an extremely beautiful country. Its two islands, despite being separated only by a narrow channel, offer great contrasts. The North Island is quite flat, has volcanic landscapes and large lakes, and is more populated. The South is more virgin, with infinite forests, powerful mountains and fjords, and glaciers.

Among all this, they inhabit something less than 5 million inhabitants … And more than 12 million sheep, who do not even have to worry about the existence of predators.

Country calm and overturned with nature, New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to live.

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4. Australia

And without leaving the antipodes, we find Australia.

This immense country, which almost serves as a continent, is another clear example that shows that in nations dominated by nature, people usually live well.

Australia is a country with very low population density, in which frictions typical of countries where human beings have had to dispute land and limited possessions do not occur. Safe, clean air, wild, modern nature, with well-structured cities – such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth – where unemployment is virtually non-existent, healthy lifestyle … Australia brings together many reasons to be on the list of best countries of the world in which to live.

5. Switzerland

When you walk through these idyllic mountains – dotted with lakes and upholstered green meadows dotted with colorful flowers – riding a luxurious high-speed train, you know that Switzerland has to be among the best countries in the world to live.

If you join one of the best financial systems in the world, pristine cities, modern infrastructure, good job opportunities and a good location in the center of Europe – among many other things – you have an excellent place to live. In fact, many of the Spaniards who left Spain in the 50s and 60s of the last century went to try their luck in Switzerland and remain there (and their descendants).

6. Norway

Social awareness, protection of nature, low population density, good and modern infrastructures, a solidary state, great natural riches (such as oil) … Except for the harsh winter (which becomes more bearable in the south), Norway is a beautiful country in which many people, after visiting him as a traveler, decides that he could live without problems. Travel Agents Need to Know About Corporate Travel Today

Would you like to have a small wooden cabin in a Norwegian forest? Well, do not think it will be hard for you to make your dream come true. Grab your things and head for Norway.

7. Sweden

Another of the Scandinavian countries that is usually a regular tenant of the lists of the best countries in the world to live.

Sweden is a multi-ethnic country – it has absorbed considerable immigration for the last 50 years – safe, hospitable, beautiful, modern, peaceful, healthy, non-existent unemployment … And if in winter you get tired of not seeing the light and having to leave home lined with three or four layers of clothes, you can always make a trip to Spain to see family and friends.

8. Finland

Completing the trio of the Scandinavian countries is Finland. In this case, in addition to the kindness of his brothers – Sweden and Norway – he provides an argument of tremendous weight: he has the best educational system in the world. This is a guarantee of a modern, just and prepared society.

9. Italy

Pizza, pasta, wine, monuments, Vespa motorcycles, that sing-song accent, islands, Rome, Venice, passion, beaches, sun, a language similar to Spanish (and, therefore, easy to learn) … Although Italy, like any nation It has its imperfections, it is a good country to live.

Of course, if you are thinking of moving to the transalpine country, you better practice the difficult art of speaking with your hands. Otherwise, you will never be considered an adapted Italian.

10. Holland

A country in which everyone seems to move by bicycle deserves to be on the list of the best countries in the world to live in. There is no discussion.

If you add to that the good Dutch cheese, the economic and labor strength of the country, its pacifism, the small size (which, added to the good infrastructures, makes it very easy to move from one city to another), good health system and Amsterdam’s Ajax and its beautiful football style … Let’s go live in Holland!


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