10 Best Packaging Box Designs to Pack Playing Card Boxes

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Playing cards are a timeless game that has been played for centuries. These boxes for playing cards come in many shapes, sizes, and colors to suit every taste. This blog post will help you figure out which playing card box best suits your needs so you can start playing the game with ease! 

What makes one pack of cards better than another? The answer is found in the package that it comes in. A good quality package will have a tight seal, be waterproof or water-resistant, and protect the cards inside from anything trying to damage them while they are being played with. There are ten options below that would work well as a card container. Let’s start! 

Window Box Design:

The box in this picture has a beautiful window that allows the buyer to see exactly what they’re getting. This is very effective when selling single cards, but it would work equally well for larger decks, too, since buyers might possibly want to do some quick card counting before purchasing. It’s user-friendly, attractive, and provides ample protection from everything except dust!

Two-Piece Box Design:

The two-piece box design is simple yet effective at protecting your cards. You can stack these boxes inside of one another or pack them side by side without worrying about damaging your deck. It also hasn’t got any hinges or latches that might get caught on other items while being transported. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a plastic case to store your cards, but you can purchase a plastic case from the same company that manufactures the deck boxes.

A nice feature of this box is that it comes with a clear window so users can see what the deck of cards looks like without having to open the box.

Narrow-Mouth Card Boxes

This is a unique design because it’s not obvious at first glance how you would stack these boxes together. However, if you take one of them out and turn it upside down, they will perfectly fit inside each other like puzzle pieces. These card boxes provide great protection against dust and scratches since they allow for one-handed access. The only drawback is that there isn’t a finger slot for users to easily take one card box out at a time.

Small Premium Card Boxes

These are the smallest premium boxes that Dragon Shield offers. These boxes are good for smaller collectibles, like trading cards. They can hold 3×4 inch photos without bending them. You can put other small objects on top too. The inner lining is made of soft velvet, which will not damage your decks while they are being transported around.

Standard Non-Locking Card Boxes

The standard non-locking card boxes represent practicality. You can get up to 12 or even 13 cards in each box, depending on how tightly you pack them. These boxes are lined with a soft velvet lining that will gently hold your decks inside without having to use tape or rubber bands to hold them in place.

There is a type of box that can store trading cards. It is small and you can buy it for a lot less than the cost of other boxes. The boxes is pre-assemble. There is no need to use glue or tape. They will take up less space than traditional cardboard boxes.

Tray & Sleeve Boxes

If you have more than one deck of cards, these trays will keep them all together. They can even hold the sleeved decks.

These boxes are perfect for someone who collects things. They come in 100 individual sleeves so you can carry around your cards without any marks or scratches on them. These boxes are also made from high-quality plastic that is strong enough to hold up over time.

This metal card case is perfect for people who want to store their cards in a classier way than on the top of the box. This case comes with two packs of 100 sleeves, so you can transport your most prized collections easily. It also has an extra inner case for smaller decks or accessories like dice and energy tokens.

Tuck Top Packaging Boxes

Tuck top boxes are a great way to offer your customers protection without having to worry about sleeves. The retail-ready designs ensure that you can put one of these out on the counter at your local game store, and it will attract players easily.

These tuck boxes come in 3 different sizes for all types of cards, so there’s a perfect size for everyone! They’ll also protect your cards from dirt, dust, and scratches while still giving people a glimpse of what lies inside.

Book Style Boxes:

Book-style boxes are the perfect way to make your playing cards stand out. You can open these boxes from both sides. People can see what is inside when they open the box. People might want to use these as a deck box, or for storing cards in them.

Deck Lift Tuck Boxes:

The Deck Lift design is a good one. You can show off all the cards at once, so people know what they are getting right away. The tuck box has a clear window and open-top, so players won’t need to remove it from the packaging to see what’s inside. This is helpful for gamers who only want to take one or two decks with them on the go.

Tuck End Packaging Boxes:

The custom tuck top packaging boxes are one of the best custom deck printing boxes to use for Magic, Yugioh, Pokemon decks. These small custom deck boxes have a custom printed end that twists open to reveal the contents inside without having to remove them from the clear packaging.


There are several other types of custom deck boxes for sale, including custom box packaging designs of playmats, custom printed gaming card cases, custom dice boxes, and custom game pieces. The best source to find all these is on the internet. There are many custom deck printing companies that offer high-quality custom game supplies at low prices.

Use these boxes for packaging your own decks of cards or buying them to offer to other people at attractive prices. The option is entirely yours.


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