10 Proposal Flowers That Will Help You to Propose


Flowers have been used as symbolize love for centuries now, and lovers used to profess their love for their partners using different flowers. In medieval times, parts of Asia and Europe used flowers to converse with others. This practice gradually changed and now lovers can convey their heartfelt emotions using romantic flowers. This is evident during Valentine’s Day, where flowers are used as romantic gifts for lovers. Different flowers convey different emotions. Among different occasions that flowers make perfect gifts during a marriage proposal. This article, will give you 10 flowers to help you pop the one million dollar question “will you marry me?” in style. Make the entire experience memorable and romantic.


The delicate carnation romantic flowers for girlfriend are perfect to tell your partner that you are ready to settle down with them. Say ‘you are the one’ by presenting a bouquet of red carnations. They are perfect to symbolize love and fascination. They also represent admiration. Make everything perfect by arranging the best carnations as you get down on one knee. These flowers are also perfect to celebrate your first wedding anniversary. Carnations are avail in many different hues but red and pink are appropriate for a marriage proposal. Surprise her using these lovely flowers and she will always treasure the gesture forever.

Gerbera Daisies

Number two on my list for the best romantic flowers for a marriage proposal are the lovely Gerbera Daisies. Start your journey of love with these flowers. These flowers are the fifth loveliest flowers in the world which represent innocent and cheerfulness. If you want to make a statement during your marriage proposal then these are the love flowers for her. The red ones represent love, desire, and yearning for a relationship. Confess your heartfelt love for that special person in your life using the lovely Gerbera Daisies. Let flowers express your emotions where words can’t.


And now I present the King of all flowers that is the beautiful red rose for love. These are flowers for any time and occasion; you can’t go wrong with them in any romantic occasion. They are the most popular flowers in the world representing passion and deep love. With so many hues, bright red and dark red are the most appropriate for love and romantic ceremonies. However, combining the red and the white flowers in a single bouquet brings out an explosion of excitement. On your way to that restaurant that you want to do your thing, grab the lovely red rose to say that you are ready to settle down with her through thick and thin.


Lilies are appropriate flowers for Valentine’s Day making them perfect to express your love during a marriage proposal. Available in different hues, these flowers speak volumes about the beauty she possesses. Why not send her these beautiful flowers and later pop the question on the dinner table to make it epic? You have brought your best when proposing for marriage and these flowers will definitely help you do that. They are also regarded as the best flowers to gift someone on their 30th wedding anniversary. It is not easy to remain in marriage for such a long time and since these lovely flowers represent strong bond they signify how strong your love is.


The depth of your love is symbolized with these awesome flowers. Orchids are so romantic. They are rarely available but have many different hues. Which means that true love is quite rare but come in many different ways? And it’s high time you open your eyes and see that he or she is the one you’ve been waiting for, for all that long. It is also believed that that thru rarer the flower, the deeper the love. And flowers don’t come rarer than orchids. Let your love story begins by proposing marriage using a bouquet of red orchids. Although they are rare, Cosmea Gardens will give you a wide range of these flowers for any occasion.


Tulips will do the trick if you are looking for flowers to make an elegant marriage proposal. They are available in many beautiful blooms, but red is the most appropriate for a marriage proposal since it represents love and affection. These are the flowers for telling her that you are her shining harmer and you will always be there to protect and care for her. Are you sure that she is the one? Don’t waste time. Get her tulips to seal your commitment. Giving red tulips to someone means that you are declaring your love to him or her.


Sunflowers have very few fans but this doesn’t mean that they are not romantic. They are perfect for a proposal bouquet and since they are very strong they symbolize how strong your marriage will be. Their vibrant yellow colour symbolizes the sun that brightens someone’s day. It also symbolizes endurance and patience to wait for that special day when you will finally tie the note. The dwarf sunflowers are perfect to say ‘I love you’ if you are the shy type.


 “We have been friends for a while now and I appreciate it but it is time we take it a notch higher. Would you be my wife?” These flowers represent friendship and any good marriage starts with friendship. They come second after roses. They mothers of all flowers.

Blue Iris

For that hope that one day you will live together as husband and wife, these flowers give that assurance. There are the best flowers to tell her that you will one day live under one roof as marital partners. They convey hope and faith for brighter days full of love.


When you want to get down on one knee and pop that question, then you need peony flowers to help you with the occasion. These purple hues are not easily found and are quite pricey, but with all the hype that comes with them, it is worth every penny.

These are among the best flowers to help you set the mood for a memorable marriage proposal. Choose one of them and you will surely make a great impression.


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