10 Tips for Travelling To Ladakh from a First Timer


If you are craving for dynamic visit as go to Leh. Blessed with surreal beauty, Ladakh tops the list of every traveler’s dream diary. Snow capped mountains, enchanting landscapes, soothing nature and high altitudes attract lots of bag-packers from all over the world.

A promising trip for all, adventure seekers, nature lovers, knowledge chasers and those who simply want an escape from daily mundane life. But, remember its high altitude and low temperature makes it a challenging tour, so there are few things to keep in mind if you are booking your Leh tour package for the first time.


When you are at a high altitude, you are prone to acute mountain sickness (AMS) because of the height and lack of oxygen. The most common symptoms of AMS are headache, nausea, loss of appetite, coughing, breathlessness, irregular breathing, weariness etc.

Since Leh is at an altitude of 11,500 ft, it is advisable to take few precautions to acclimatize your body properly such as; take proper rest for first 24hrs and allow your body to adjust with the lower oxygen levels before starting any of the trekking tour. If you develop any of the AMS symptoms consult doctor immediately.

The Best Time

One of the most important things to be taken care of while booking your Leh tour packages, the best suited month for travel, when temperature is moderate, and you will find lots of other travelers to accompany you.

Ladakh is open throughout the year, however best time for treks and tour is between June to October. Due to heavy snowfall all routes are closed after November. Only if you are going for Zanskar trek, plan the trip between January to Mid-March when the river is completely frozen.

The summer in Ladakh is pleasant between June to September, winter starts from late December and Jan when the temperature goes in negative and it is extremely cold. However, weather in Ladakh is most unpredictable mess, you will feel it’s going to be a hot day, but very next moment you will realize it’s freezing cold, so pack your bag accordingly and don’t forget woolens.

Transportation and Accommodation

Travelling in private vehicle can be expensive followed by accommodation and food. So, you can travel by local shared taxis if you have enough time in your bucket.

Book your accommodation in advance, also go for home stays which will bring you close to the friendly locals and help you in understanding their culture better. Camping are also available, do try, it will be entirely different and one of the most incredible experience.

Carry Bottled Drinking Water

Keep a proper stock of water, because breathing in dry air drains the moisture from lungs and to remain hydrated you have to consume at least 4–5 liters of water. It is advisable to carry bottled drinking water or water-purification pills because the water is quite polluted throughout Ladakh.

Trekking-Essentials to Keep Handy

Trekking in Ladakh is one of the major attractions. During trekking remember, climate of Ladakh is normally cold even in summers and when you trek to the higher altitude you will need woolens along with gloves, caps and socks, so be equipped with heavy woolens all the time. Keep enough stock for drinking water in your bags as dehydration can cause serious problem in high altitudes.

First-aid box should be handy with all the important medicines in it. Sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and moisturizers are important, don’t forget them. Your shoes play an important role as it’s all about walking, so comfortable waterproof shoes are must.

While trekking remember that you have some moral responsibility towards conservation of environment, you should contribute in saving nature and keeping it clean, don’t drop litter and keep the paths clean for other travelers to enjoy the pristine natural beauty. The plastics are banned in Ladakh, so don’t use them.

Take Permits in Advance

There are many destinations in which permits are required, arrange them well in advance to save your time. Also, carry government-issued photo-id proof such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license etc. because the id will be required to get the permits.

Photography Tips

Photography is important when you are in such a beautiful place to capture the beauty and keep it as a memento for lifetime. But Ladakh being politically sensitive, in few places’ photography is restricted.

So, check for signboards which warn you of such restrictions before taking pictures. Also, don’t forget to keep extra batteries for your camera, as the cold and altitude will drain them faster.


While travelling in Ladakh keep enough cash in hand (Indian currency) as credit cards are not accepted in shops especially for eatables and ATMs are not available that frequently.

Also, banks are available only in Leh and Kargil, in the remote areas these facilities are not available. For hotel payments debit card are accepted, but credit cards are not accepted in almost all hotels.

Avoid Alcohol and Rash Driving

While travelling in Leh, it’s better to avoid alcohol and drink water instead because alcohol will dehydrate your body. Driving is not simple, it is a constant mental and physical trial, the roads have sharp turns and little bit of negligence can lead to adverse results. So be extra careful while driving.

Few Additional tips

When you are in Ladakh, behave well with the locals they are peace loving, friendly and supportive.

Internet facilities are available in capital city of Ladakh but when you move further you won’t be able to access internet, finish any internet related task before leaving Leh.

Also, pre-paid sims don’t work properly but postpaid do. For any emergency, main market in Leh is well equipped with multiple STD booths.

To explore Leh one needs lot of time, it’s not something that can be explored in few hours or little time. Don’t try to watch everything in a hurry. Instead plan your Leh tour package in such a way that it should be adventures but you get some time to relax too. So that once you are back you can join your office with a refreshed soul.


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