2019 – Sneak Peek Into What’s Trending For PPC This Year


Topic Summary:

This topic discusses the new trends of 2019 for PPC. Marketers need to follow these trends to stay intact in the market and to maintain their position along the competitors. The whole world is changing rapidly, you need to be well equipped with all these changes to remain successful in the market.There are massive amount of changes happening when we talk about the practices of digital marketing. There are various tools of marketing available online due to which businesses have shifted to online platforms. Marketing techniques like pay-per-click have gained a lot of popularity due to successful results which it’s been producing for the businesses for the past few years. Techniques and methods also become outdated with time, you need to refer to a Google Ads company in Karachi to keep up with the trends.

This would help in staying updated in what’s new prevailing in the market nowadays. We can guide you about the latest PPC trends of 2019, so at least are aware of how things are working for PPC. You should keep in mind that Google AdWords are being changed by Google Ads at a fast pace. So, make sure you hold knowledge of everything which is needed.

Here we have listed some of trends which you definitely need to know for 2019.

Focus On Your Audience:

There are so many competitors and businesses in the market who put their main focus on developing their keywords rather than actually focusing on who is clicking those keywords – their audience. Some researchers also believe that 2019, may be the year where keywords would completely die, and businesses would shift their focus towards context and people. This could be very beneficial of businesses.

But, it’s not the time right time to officially declare that keywords have died. But the point is to shift your entire focus towards the audience because if your focus is not audience then you’re doing the whole thing wrong. Keywords can be of great importance but targeting your audience is more crucial and results in high performances for the business. Focus on audience is what separates high-end marketers from inexperienced ones.


You must have seen, compared to the past year that things have gotten more automated and there’s less and less need for human labors now. Well this is true, because Google said that ads which you are creating must work for everyone – that’s what automation does it makes content ad features available for everyone in the platform. Therefore, Google Ads continue to work on their feature of automation.

Therefore, for the success of your business, it is suggested that you lean into Google automation tools rather than wasting them being used in the favor of third party. This doesn’t mean that you start worrying about being replaced with the machines. This is simply not the race between humans and machines it’s just that machines are helping humans in achieving more for their businesses. You just need to stop wasting time on all the repetitive tasks such as bid tracking and reporting instead you need to use your time constructively in further automation to help out your customers.

Role Of Marketers:

Artificial intelligence would continue to bring changes in the PPC campaigns but it’s simply not like that the PPC managers would run out of their jobs. Instead all the PPC managers would be able to conduct their own machine learning which would help them select the best campaigns which would lead to producing best results for their companies. People like changes and advancements as they feel it’s essential for a company to grow, therefore to cater to people marketers also need to be equipped with the latest changes to ensure best performance of the businesses.

This is not the stage of human era where artificial intelligence can perform better than humans, but it won’t be wrong to say that we are getting closer. Therefore, it is important to know on how to leverage automation and develop skills to conduct effective market analysis. This would help in competing with competitors better. Hence, it is important for the management to be well equipped with these tools as they can be of great help in the future.

Advertisement Alternatives:

When we talk about marketing on digital media, it would be the safest thing to diversify your marketing campaigns no matter if it is PPC. One of the greatest examples of this diversification could me Amazon as they have maintained a very successful PPC strategy. There’s a lot of which ecommerce brands can learn from the success of Amazon as rather than just relying on Google ads they are also testing the Bing ads to expand their marketing practices to other platforms as well. Google is one of the best platforms when it comes to marketing, but it is important to explore other platforms to produce maximum results for your business.


These are one of the reasons themselves why the message users see would remain crucial forever. You need to use text ads, such as headlines to make it look appealing and conveys your message to the audience in an easy way. Avoid using any sort of jargons because it makes communication difficult. Therefore, keep in mind that text of your ad plays a crucial role when it comes to the success of your ad. You need to be as creative as possible.

Cross Channel Advertisement Experiences:

There are so many companies who are working on embracing the trends of a single world channel, they are trying to practice advertisement on various marketing channels across the world. Hence cross channel advertisement plays a key role when we talk about success of any marketing platform. The reason to build up cross channel advertisement is the easy accessibility because it has become very easy to build these channels, yet these channels are very effective as far as all the businesses are concerned.

There can be no one channel for business which they can use of advertisement they need to use various channels to implement their effective marketing campaign. When businesses would try different channels, it would help them understand what works best for them, because what works best for one business may not work same as for other business. Therefore, trail and error is necessary for every business.


The whole world is evolving with time and at a very high pace. Things are changing faster than one can imagine. Therefore, it is very necessary for the marketers to be aware of the changing trends of the world to keep up with the market conditions. Therefore, look into these helpful guidelines which are trending for 2019 as far as PPC is concerned. 


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