What to Look for In A Rain Jacket – 5 Best Rain Jackets to Buy

What to Look for In A Rain Jacket - 5 Best Rain Jackets to Buy

Do you love rain?

In winters or summers?

Generally, I do, without any seasonal biasness. It just has to be rain.

What Does Rain Mean to You?

Typically, we all romanticize rain. Because the baggage you carry the whole year- the worries and sadness, the stress you are going through, is washed away with rain. You can listen to your favorite music. Sing a song! You can be a kid jumping in puddles. Get a photoshoot done, and twirl in that dress. At the same time, eat all your favorite foods!

It is all your perspective on how you view the rainy season. For some, it is peace, while for others it is a tragedy.

The downsides of rain…

Life is not about romanticizing only. It holds a lot of other phenomena as well.

We hear about a lot of accidents when it rains. Shelterless citizens need help finding a roof. Animals have nowhere to go. Roads are ruined, and the cities are flooded with rainwater. People get stuck at whatever point they are at the moment. The city gets a high alert for tsunamis and other natural calamities.

Rain can be frustrating to deal with, on a personal level too. If you are out there for some important business and it rains, then rain is a hindrance, rather than a joy. But there is a way to deal with rain. Read the next section for things to do and those to avoid during the rain.

The Dos & Don’ts in Rain

So, to avoid getting stuck in an unpleasant situation, we have listed some dos and don’ts for you all to follow.

  • Don’t wear delicate fabrics like silk. Instead, wear something durable in the rain.
  • Don’t wear light colors, for example, white. Instead, opt for dark colors.
  • Heavy trousers are a big no-no in the rain. However, black and short dry, lightweight trousers will do.
  • Wear a long rain jacket or a waterproof jacket, and don’t opt for light outerwear and jackets for men.
  • And don’t over-accessorize yourself. Instead, wear accessories with maximum functions.

Factors of Choosing A Rain Jacket

Since today we are talking about the rainy season. Are you planning to buy outerwear & jackets for men? Here are a few things you have to be careful about when purchasing a rain jacket.

1. Waterproof Fabric

While buying outerwear & jackets for the rainy season, look specifically for waterproof fabrics in the outerwear & jackets for men. Because waterproof outerwear & jackets for men can hold up to 3000mm of water without disturbing the breathability factor. Ensure you get good quality outerwear & jackets for the rainy season – especially if you live in a region where it rains a lot.

2. Sealed Seams

Sealed seams are important to hold water from penetrating through the outerwear. Good stitching quality is required for sealed seams in outerwear & jackets for men. Water will try to pave its way through the sealed seams if the seams are not waterproof internally. Therefore, if you are going to be out in rain, look for waterproof and sealed seams in your outerwear.

3. Hood

You would not want your hair to get wet while going to your office in the rain. Right? A good hood is necessary for outerwear & jackets for men in the rain. The key to it is an adjustment. A good hood with toggles will help you quickly tighten your hood around your head. That will also keep your glasses safe, so your vision stays clear!

4. Breathability

Are you running back home? Have to reach that intimate candlelight dinner with your woman? But, running in that outerwear could be uncomfortable and may heat your body up – if it’s not breathable. By the time you reach the dinner table, you will be drenched in sweat. Not a good situation to be in, right? So, the more breathable the fabric, the more warmth will be lost. Hence, keeping you fresh and in a good mood!

5. Length

We have spoken about fabric type, seems, hood and breathability. But what about length? You want your inner layers of clothes to be protected when you reach somewhere important. Remember that the longer the outerwear for men, the better they will be able to keep the inner layers dry! So longer outerwear & jacket for men is always good so that their clothes stay protected from the mud and rain.

5 Rain Jackets to Buy for Men

We have collected five outerwear & rain jackets for men from one of the leading websites theapparelfactory.com. You can go to their website and get yourself a rain jacket at a good price.

Two-Tone Parka

Get a two-toned parka coat for men from theapparelfactory.com in various color combinations. It consists of 100% polyester lining. Outer flip pockets to keep your essentials like mobile phone and wallet safe from rain. And a zipper hood that you can use accordingly.

Harriton Nylon Jacket

This jacket for men is made with 100% nylon and is water-resistant. It consists of a lightweight, packable hooded pullover with a drawstring. Which means it is adjustable according to your will. Amazing right? It also has center-zip and front-welt pockets. The outerwear & jacket for men has a full elastic cuff and hem casing with drawcord.


Source: Poncho

This is a polyester taffeta poncho that is water resistant. It has a hood and can be packed in a hoop and loop closure. This outerwear for men consists of a shock cord at the lower hem for weather protection. Available in different colors as well.

3-in-1 Parka with Dobby Trim

This 3-in-1 parka is made up of 100% polyester lining. It consists of a thermal retaining shock cord hood, waist, and hem. The best part is that hood is zip-off and rolled away.

Anorak ¼ Zip Jacket

The ¼ zip outerwear & jacket for men is water and wind resistant. It is made up of 100% polyester. It consists of an adjustable bungee draw cord at the hood and hem. The best part is that this jacket is packable so that you can carry it in your bag, and put it on as soon as it starts raining.

You can find all these five outerwear & jacket for men at theapparelfactory.com. I am certain you will love the quality and prices.

End note

No matter if we love or hate the rainy season. You can only pray for the well-being of people around you, whether known or unknown. But remember to help people in trouble during rain because little kindness goes a long way. Anyway, we have given you some tips on how to get through the rainy season untroubled. Get yourself a good rain jacket – protect yourself and enjoy this weather!

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