5 Reasons to Use Google Analytics in Your Android App

Google Analytics Android App

Google Analytics is one of the popular and widely used digital analytics services. This amazing analytics software allows you to analyze data and in-depth detail about your android application. Google Analytics lets you measure the traffic and advertising ROI of your android app with automatic tracking and report generation facility. This platform is the top choice for most of the android app developers due to the features it offers and the powerful security of information this software provides. Google Analytics has evolved majorly during the past few years making it the best available analytics platform that not just tracks your app’s information but provides a complete insight about your audience, traffic, and bounce rate.

Google Analytics helps you shape your business strategy according to the information provided by the platform improving in-app operations for better performance and user engagement. Let’s have a look at the top reasons to use Google Analytics in your android app.

Automatic Collection of Data

Google Analytics has an automatic data collection feature that reduces the work to a great extent. Using this feature in your android application, you need a Google Analytics that will enable it to start collecting your app’s data automatically. Previously it required much time and effort to put Google Analytics data separately into Spreadsheets, docs, sites, and apps. Now, not it just collects the data but generates reports according to the received data. You can access your reports any time you want without any delay helping you implement strategies into your android app to better the performance.

Easy Integration

Another outstanding feature that Google Analytics offers is easy integration with different tools and platforms. Google Analytics presents an easily usable interface design that makes the whole processing smooth. It has powerful integration with popular Google services and even the ones other analytics platforms don’t offer. It comes with integrated Google AdWords that helps in the success of your AdWords Campaigns, as linking both the tools provide deep insights about the data. Hence, you are allowed to use Google Analytics on every android device implementing your data directly on other tools and platforms, especially Google products like Google Search Console.

Ability to Measure Internal App Search

Using Google Analytics on your android app will help you to reveal what arriving customers really want. It clears the area of growth showing up the opportunity from where you can get maximum benefit. Google Analytics uncovers certain areas on your android app, so you could improve the internal operations which your app might lack. It allows you to track the internal searches performed on your android app displayed with a certain customization property. With this feature, you’ll have a better insight into the customers that what they are exactly looking for in the app. It eventually helps in making changes and additions to your app for improving overall performance.

Source: Google Analytics

Figure Out Bounce Rate

One of the most important advantages Google Analytics provides is to give insight into the bounce rate of your android app. Customers bouncing off the app is a major problem faced by many app owners and they don’t have any idea why app abandonment is increasing with each passing day. This issue is solved greatly by Google Analytics helps you to reduce your android app’s bounce rate. Businesses receive large traffic but after only one visit customers don’t return which affects the conversions. The bounce rate requires instant action to identify the reason, thus Google Analytics provides a report containing the data that contains reasons why a customer might bounce off your app.

Get an Insight About Customer’s Data

With Google Analytics, you can utilize valuable data about your customers collected from the app. It helps android application development company in determining which channels drive more traffic and what can lead to a successful conversion rate. The audience section in Google Analytics provides important information related to your app visitors like their gender, age, device, interest, and location. It also gives your insight into how visitors got to know about your app helps you to better your strategies and invest more on such channels. You can optimize your android app accordingly based on the information you receive from Google Analytics. Interaction with the audience is improved and new methods can be introduced to engage them on your android app.


Since businesses have switched entirely over to android applications, it has become crucial to integrate powerful analytics platforms. With the extensive range of features that Google Analytics provides, it has proved itself to be the best analytical platform for the android app. You can improve your business strategies, advertising, and marketing techniques and make significant changes to your android app based on the important data Google Analytics provides. With its reports, you can have complete knowledge about your audience, app traffic generation channels, and app internal searches.


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