5 Things in Which Ios 13 Is Better Than Android


iOS 13, the update that will soon come to iPhone and iPod, was one of the main themes in the last WWDC. Many wonders about the news that will bring the operating system or if it will be better than Android. According to the advance, it is an operating system that will bring numerous changes that we will analyze in detail.

As we reel in our analysis of the new features of iOS 13, there are some issues that have been waiting for a long time, such as the ability to write by sliding the book, the login with Apple ID, the new emojis and a more compact structure.

In this article, we will discuss five aspects in which iOS 13 is superior to Android.

Video edition

The video is very used lately in social networks and advertising. Many professionals work from their iPhone and the possibilities that iOS 13 will offer when it comes to putting filters, cutting, eliminating noise, making adjustments or changing formats is unparalleled within Android.

This is especially interesting to be integrated within the same operating system, without having to download external applications that slow it down or pay for it.

Apple Arcade

Although it was announced before iOS13, this subscription system for games with a monthly fee is very interesting. You can play offline at any time and cannot find an equal on Android. It is expected that the sum of Apple Arcade and iOS13 gives a great result.

Noise in the photos

iOS 13 implements an option that reduces the noise of photographs to be able to eliminate granulate and improve images in which light is a problem. Although it is not a miraculous option, it helps make images that look like a disaster in the first place are publishable, something unparalleled in Google Photos.

Application management

In order to avoid distractions, Apple has implemented a configuration that allows you to block applications or categories of applications with a simple click to better manage time. It has also added the option to also block websites. In this aspect also goes a step ahead of Android.

Hide email

It is surprising to see how iOS 13 will allow the creation of disposable email addresses that will forward emails to our main account. This will avoid giving the real address to web pages or people who request it but who do not want us.


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