6 Best Free Driver Updater Tools In 2020


Before we start with the tools for updating drivers, let’s first understand what a driver is. A device driver is a crucial tool that ensures a proper interaction between computer hardware and the operating system and ensures they both work correctly hence completing all the tasks. 

Like any other device, drivers get outdated and corrupted too. Most of the time, we aren’t known whether drivers get updated, like any other apps or software. And even if we know about it, we tend to forget or aren’t sure about updating it. This leads to several issues, including the system’s slowing, the sudden crashing of the system, and many others.  

Use the given link for more info regarding driver updating programs. So, if we want our PCs to work smoothly, we should have a look at the 6 best free driver updater tools in 2020.

1. Driver Booster

Driver Booster is the first choice in the list since it provides instant performances to your PC for a wide range of Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP. With a single click, anyone can download it easily, and the best part is there are not many differences in free and paid versions. 

Apart from having drivers’ databases of around 3000k, it also has gaming components for all the gamers. So definitely it is a more accessible tool for driver updates and offers an extensive database for the driver. But ultimately, this can only be done in the presence of the internet. All the gamers have your attention; this is precisely what you need for your flawless gaming.

2. Smart Driver Care

To keep your system running, Smart Driver Care is the next tool. It has an outstanding capability to detect all the inconspicuous, incompatible drivers which are outdated and causing lousy performance of the system. It supports a User- friendly interface. Therefore you won’t face any difficulty in using it. 

The tool starts with a full system scan and provides you a list of the drivers that need to be updated. With one click, all the required drivers can be updated. No need to click UPDATE for every driver. This driver goes great with Windows -32 and 64 bits. The way it takes care of the system security makes one of its kind. 

It also offers a backup tool so that you have copies of your drivers. Does that not sound cool?

software Updater

3. Driver Genius

So we got a ‘Genius’ on our list. If by mistake, you have made some unwanted changes to the system, then our Genius will come to help you. A feature named ‘Rollback’ enables you to reverse any change done by mistake. 

It homes to a huge database for the specific peripheral naming printers, motherboards, networks, and so on in the list. With its built-in scheduler, it takes care of further updates. Before making any changes, Driver Genius also offers us the backup option. Therefore, hardware problems will be at bay.

4. Snappy Driver Installer

All the drivers we have discussed so far have one very important con attached to them, and that is the inability to work in the absence of an internet connection. But on the list, we got another driver whose one of the strengths is that it doesn’t need the internet for its working. 

One can easily update multiple drivers in a single go. It can easily figure out all the outdated drivers and proceed with their updating process. It also offers unlimited updates on the drivers and no restrictions on download speeds.

5. DriverMax

The core competency of DriverMax is automation. It automatically updates all the outdated drivers timely. One can easily schedule the scans on this since it works well on all the Windows versions, whether it’s 32 or 64-bits. It proves its compatibility. It also offers backup of your system drivers before updating them. 

The major limitation it offers is the number of downloads per month is just 10. Hence, there is no unlimited option for downloads. It helps in providing a list consisting of drivers requiring updates and drivers requiring no updates. Ultimately it’s a tool that can be given an equal chance to try on.

6. Avast Driver Updater

The last on our list is Avast Driver Updater. A simple sorted tool for your system which is effective in performing its task. All the missing and outdated drivers can be taken good care of by this tool. For all the busy people out there, this tool is exclusively for you. 

The tool updates all the corrupted drivers in the background itself. It also takes care of the peripheral of your system. It offers 500,000 capacity for updating the drivers. The result is sharpened graphics and a clearer sound; definitely several problems with one solution, i.e., Avast Driver Updater.

I was hoping you like the list of 6 updates that are free and should be given an equal chance to try on!


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