6 Common Blogging Mistakes that You Need to Stop Making Right Now


Blogs are easy to create, but as beginners, we make some of the most basic mistakes on it. It is interesting to see how many people commit similar errors on their blogs despite them being so common. It is probably due to the reason that not many articles have addressed these blunders extensively. Whatever the reason may be, you can avoid making these faults by knowing about them and through this post we are going to share the information you need. Here are the six Common Blogging Mistakes that You Need to Stop Making Right Now.   

1. Not Posting Regularly

Not posting consistently on your blog is calling for trouble. Even if your blog posts happen to get traffic on the webpage, the chances are that you will go down on indexing if your blog becomes old and you do not regularly keep posting on your site. It is a widespread mistake that people commit and mostly happens because the blog owners fall short of ideas for content. To avoid this fault, you must stay updated on regular news and the trends going on social media. Based on what is popular at present, you must create content around it.

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2. No Backing Up of Your Blog

The Internet can be a not so secure place, and if you do not take measures for worst case scenarios, then you may have to face undesired situations in the future. Backing up your blog is something to which you must get yourself accustomed to. By backing up everything on your blog, you ensure that if you lose your data for some reason because of a lapse in security of your web host or any other cause, then you will easily be able to put your blog live again. It is also essential that you start using only trusted plugins and services for your blog. You can create a list of important WordPress plugins for your blog and stick by them only if they are authenticated.

3. Copying Content from Others

It is easy to hit copy and paste the content of someone else on your blog, but it is morally wrong and it is not going to help your blog rankings. Google algorithms change from time to time, and a lot of it is to prevent the act of plagiarism. It is better to work with your ideas and come up with content that is your own. Yes, it is going to take some work and time of yours but let us tell you that there is no better satisfaction like seeing your work getting appreciated than what you may get from copying others.

4. Letting Others Copy Your Content

You create your content with a lot of efforts and hard work. If you do not want it to be utilized by someone else, then you must take measures to stop it from being copied. Plagiarism is a plague that has victimized the web. There are various plugins that you can use to prevent the theft of your content by the others. You can use the Content Copy Protection plugin on WordPress that is widely used by many bloggers to keep their content safe from the others.

5. Expecting Immediate Success

No blog becomes successful in one day, and you must be patient enough to see yours do better. Do not be disheartened when you do not get views right away on your blog; a lot of websites take even months to start receiving traffic. Keep on posting on your blog from time to time while using social media and forums to share your blog among the people. Do make sure to not spam social sites with your blog links as it may repel the users. Introduce your blog to the hashtags or people whom you think might find it useful. You will eventually see your blog grow; all you need to do is wait for it.

6. Stuffing Keywords in Your Post

It is understandable that you want to rank for as many keywords as possible, but if you stuff your blog posts with it, then not only are you going to make it look ugly, but also downgrade the quality of your content. There is no use of ranking your site high on a search engine if your visitors leave after reading the first few lines which do not make sense. The wiser move is to work around selected and related keywords while writing content that people are going to like. Make your posts interesting and of higher quality rather than only focussing on the keywords. If readers find value in the information you provide, then you will automatically start receiving traffic on your site.

Now that you know these most common mistakes that bloggers commit, we are sure that you will avoid them from now on. We hope that you find the information in this post useful. By not making the faults we mention here, you can make yourself a better blogger and content creator.


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