6 Morning Routines That Will Help You Increase Your Productivity


If they told you that the key to increasing your productivity during the day lies in the morning routines you follow each morning, would you believe it? Well, you should do it, since it is shown that by adopting certain habits upon waking you will be guaranteeing a better performance in your daily activities.

That is why we bring 6 morning routines for you that will help you increase your productivity and stay focused on success.

And if your biggest concern is the little time you have each morning, you should know that to start your day with energy you will not require so much time and you will see how everything flows with greater harmony.

The Routines That Will Bring You Greater Productivity

If your desire is to start every day on the right foot and increase your productivity to the maximum, you are in the right place, because we assure you that when you read this article you will want to implement these excellent morning routines. And it is that many professionals, athletes, politicians and even the millionaires follow morning practices to achieve the objectives that are proposed.

Of course you should opt for a consistent routine that suits your reality, so that you see favorable results in the short term. On the other hand, it must go hand in hand with the objectives you plan to achieve, because otherwise it will not make any sense. Without further ado, check out these 6 alternatives that we present below:

Do not postpone the alarm

If at night you arranged for the next day to get up at 5:30 am, do not postpone the alarm, that tends to be counterproductive and a few more minutes of sleep will not make much difference. It is best to get up just the alarm sounds, because in this way your brain will perceive that you are on the cusp of the day and not that you are delaying.

At first it will not be easy and less if you are used to postpone it for a few more minutes, but once you get used to waking up just sound it will see how to get up earlier, you will have a clear mind and you will have enough motivation to start the day.

Meditation and exercise will be your best allies

If upon waking you meditate for about 5 minutes you will notice great results in a short time, because meditation will allow you to dissipate any negative energy, develop memory, control stress and even further strengthen your immune system. And if you add about 7 minutes of aerobic exercise, your body will increase its resistance.

The result? Countless benefits among which a better mood, high self-esteem, control of your emotions, better use of your memory and a greater willingness to face the challenges of day to day.

Do not skip breakfast

Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, since we get the energy that our body requires. Obviously it should be a breakfast as balanced as possible (a cup of coffee and a bite of bread do not count as breakfast), and less because it does not give you what you really need.

Breakfast is key to start the day in the best possible way, so try to contain carbohydrates, some protein and of course fiber for your digestive tract do not take its toll later.

Planning is basic

If you see that there are people who end the day exhausted and stressed it is precisely because they did not plan their activities. A day full of productivity is the result of a previous planning, which allows you to achieve more goals. It’s like making a road map for the day, in which you establish what you want and know what you can do based on the time and resources needed for it.

Also, specify the activities in order of priority, adding some purposes that lead you to personal achievements, such as spending time reading a good book, listening to some music that relaxes you, sharing a coffee with someone or simply about 5 minutes to breathe.

Organize what you need last night

How disgusting it is to leave home with that feeling that you forgot something and that it is indeed so, if it has ever happened to you, you know how cumbersome it can be. To do this, try to banish from your mornings that overwhelming feeling that you have a lot to do and organize everything you can since last night.

Things like choosing the costumes, putting in your bag everything you need, or advancing lunch will save you a good amount of time, in addition to having a dream and a quiet wake up without any fright.

Breathe and thank

Breathe deeply and be grateful for everything you have, even if you have not achieved everything you want, remember that there are people who did not wake up or who lost every little thing in the blink of an eye.


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