6 news that will arrive to WhatsApp this 2019


Every year WhatsApp releases several new features and some of the most anticipated by users could arrive before the end of this year, as for example is the case of dark mode.

Through the beta versions of the application, we usually discover what the company is working on and what will reach our mobile phones in the following months. That is why we can talk about the news that we will receive sooner rather than later in the application.

In this last year, Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp, has made a series of movements that have confirmed that a great change is coming in the most famous instant messaging application.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to monetize his instant messaging application and for that, he has designed a plan that will turn this app into an online payment method in which the Libra cryptocurrency he is creating could also be used.

There is still enough to see that change, but some of the functions that are to come in the coming months will be part of it and will gradually shape the future that Facebook has designed for WhatsApp.

Dark mode

The classic design with green tones and printed background of WhatsApp would give way to a dark interface with black and gray tones with some brushstroke in green to continue with the style of the application.

WhatsApp thus adds to the fashion of converting applications to the dark mode that hurts less the health of our eyes and reduces the consumption of the battery of our mobile phone which means keeping the screen more illuminated with light tones.

We have already begun to see it in the beta versions of this Facebook application, so it would not take long for it to be officially deployed to most mobile phones that use it.

QR code to add contacts and more

Another new feature that is expected for this year is the incorporation of QR codes. A system that in principle will be used to add new contacts in a faster way, similar to how the WhatsApp website is activated.

However, this function could also have another use later and is that Facebook wants in the coming years this app allows you to make money transactions to friends or buy products. Something that could be done very quickly by scanning the code with the camera and the application.

Unlock by fingerprint

To protect the privacy of our messages WhatsApp has thought about resorting to biometric systems, starting with the fingerprint reader that is already in the majority of mobile phones that are coming to market.

This function is already available for iPhone mobiles and should not take long to reach those of Android. At the moment it is sold as a way to protect our messages from prying eyes, but, like the previous function, this could be part of the future payment system that is about to reach WhatsApp.

If we have linked our bank accounts with this application to use it as a card and pay money, we must have some protection system.

Ignore archived chats

This function is known as Vacation Mode, but it seems that in the end, they have given it a more generic name. It is another way to block certain conversations over a period of time.

All those chats that are archived while we have this active function, will be completely ignored and we will not receive notifications even if we have new messages in these chats.

But we will not see them in the inbox, the first to have new messages, they will be completely blocked, which is a relief for the holidays if we want to disconnect from the work groups, or the rest of the year if we want to hide a conversation from which we cannot leave for the moment.

Synchronization with the Stories of Facebook or Instagram

Facebook wants to include the famous Stories in WhatsApp because it is one of the places where the advertisements that it pretends to include in its messaging application will be hosted to monetize it even more.

Since they all form part of the same company, it is not surprising that the possibility of publishing Stories is offered on any of these social networks and, at the same time, it can be shared with this same function on the other two platforms, something that is already happening for example, with the photographs that we upload to Facebook and Instagram.

Animated stickers

Finally, we will have new ways to animate the conversations, after the emoticons, the GIFs and the stickers or stickers, the animated stickers arrive.

With this function, the famous sticker that so much called attention at the time will now come alive and instead of being a simple sticker with a cutout image, letters, and drawings, you can move.

Surely these are not the only news that we will find on WhatsApp in the remainder of 2019, but they are the most anticipated features and of which we have already been having news through the beta versions.


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