6 Original Destinations to Travel and Meet


As we know, the world is very big and full of original destinations to travel and meet, but at the time of deciding we need to be inspired and think well where we want to go and what budget we have to spend.

Today, we can go anywhere we can think of, just by looking at the map, reading a travel book or watching movies and images that are shared by social networks by various people who have traveled, we can enjoy attractive and beautiful sites that exist on our planet, which makes it difficult to make a decision when choosing a place to know it.

Tops of 6 original destinations to know

If you like to travel you should keep in mind that the world is full of places to discover and know beyond those provided by tourism companies and fashions that are usually temporary. Next, we invite you to visit one of the following destinations, which every day earn more visitors for all its beauty that is worth knowing:

The Southern Alps of New Zealand

In this place, forget about the laptop, the telephone and the social networks so you can immerse yourself in a pure state of nature of this mountain range that is located in the western part of the South Island of New Zealand.

It is indifferent whether you like adventure or not, since it is a region that has many things to offer to all the staff that visit it. In this place you can visit wonderful natural parks, know their fauna and flora in its entire splendor.

You can trek on its imposing Mount Cook, dare to venture among its cliffs, caves, fjords and glaciers to admire its charm under its rains and snowfall, so if you want to visit the other side of the world, plan your vacation in this little place conventional.

Sara in Canada

It is the Canadian west coast, one of the best destinations for nature lovers. On your visit we recommend you explore the island of Vancouver and go to the town of Tofino, there you can visit the seals and whales from a zodiac.

You can also rent a car to take a tour of the route that takes you to Calgary, drive between the Rocky Mountains and observe different turquoise lakes and glaciers that are high in the mountains, it is a spectacle.


This cradle of the current western civilization is one of the most complete places in Europe for those who like to know.

You can start the trip through the Peninsula through Athens, where the great jewel of the Parthenon is located and from there take a tour of the various archaeological sites of Ancient Greece, including Corinth, Mycenae, Olympus, Epidaurus and Dlephs. In this same place are the Meteora Monasteries, which are in high-rise stone colossi that will surely fascinate you.

If you want to spend a few days of maximum tranquility, visit some of the spectacular Greek Islands, formed of attractive colorful mosaics, turquoise waters and a beautiful town full of white houses.

El Cuzco – Peru

If you want to know the mysteries of the Incas visit Cuzco, the capital of Peru. However, the Constitution of Peru recognizes this city next to the Andes Mountains as the historical capital of that country.

This city was founded by the children of the Sun God according to the Inca mythology and in it you can make different excursions so that you know the Sacred Valleys of the Incas or take the Inca route that leads to the much named Machu Picchu.

Take a walk through the San Pedro market and enjoy one of their traditional breakfasts, so that they fill you with all the energy you need to discover the myth of the Incas.


We recommend that you make a trip to this spectacular country; we assure you that you will live in the unique ones that you have probably never experienced. So you can feel its ancient culture, take a walk through the streets of Gion, in Kyoto or simply keep silent in the ancestral temple that is a total beauty.

Dazzling before all the technological modernity of Tokyo, the nature of Hida or the rebirth of Hiroshima and of course you cannot miss the opportunity to taste its particular cuisine that goes beyond sushi and tempura.


It is a spectacular country that could exceed your expectations, in it you can contemplate the Wadi Rum desert, the Nabatean city of Petra, the Dana Biosphere Reserve, the Dead Sea or the fascinating seabed of the Red Sea, these being some of the main places of attraction of this jewel of the East where they will receive you with the best attention and security that every traveler wants.


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