6 Places in Germany That We Can’t Miss


Germany is definitely one of the best choices you can have as your holiday destination, it has a great story to tell, medieval villages, modern and cosmopolitan cities and many resorts located in the mountains.

They also have many monuments of international importance and recognition where you want to have a photo for the album of memories, not to mention its incredible cuisine, in this post we will talk about the places in Germany that you cannot miss at least once in your life.

What places to visit in Germany?

In this small list we bring you beautiful and picturesque places, but above all emblematic, that you should know during your stay in this beautiful country, after reading this top 6 you will want to know them all.

Brandenburg Gate

It is inspired by the great portals of ancient Greece, is one of the symbols that most represent the city of Berlin and all of Germany in general, that was where the celebration took place after the Berlin Wall was demolished, a large celebration where all the Germans rejoined again.


It is the home of Oktoberfest, also known as the capital of Bavaria, this small city offers incredible alpine views, and full party halls where you can drink beer in droves, but not only stands out for the beer, bratswurt sausages or the typical lederhosen pants.

It really is a very sophisticated place and that is why it is constantly at the top of the listings of best cities to live in the world, it has local shops with a very attractive aesthetic, lakes, mountains and different cultural attractions, it is a small corner in the world that achieves an almost perfect balance.


It houses the third largest port in the world, after London and New York, the bay where it is located offers a magnificent variety of exquisite seafood. It has a variety of theaters and operas that will leave you amazed, including the Miniatur Wunderland, the smallest miniature railway line in the world.

The Alsterarkaden area is ideal if you are a shopping addict, but if you want to escape from all the stress typical of the city you just have to drop by the Planten un Blomen areas, where you will meet one of the largest Japanese gardens and beautiful from all over Europe, same place where multiple free concerts are held during the summer months.

Baden Baden

If you are looking for well-being and relaxation, this is the perfect city to visit; it is nothing more and nothing less than a city full of exclusive and luxurious spas located right on the northern edge of the Black Forest. The city itself is located in a valley full of beautiful forests to admire and with hot springs where you can forget the stress of working days.

You will run into thermal baths, all its hotels have a spa and if you simply get tired of using the jacuzzi, you can stop by Festspiehaus, the second largest and most important opera in Europe. It is also very famous for the casino Das Jurhaus, considered the most beautiful in the world.


It is the perfect place for those looking for a stay full of romanticism and natural charms, it is a fairly small city, but it houses the oldest university in the history of the whole country, it is quite famous for being the corner that inspired many artists of International fame, authors and composers. It also has a baroque style with cobbled streets and a beautiful castle that dominates the entire town.


Being the capital of Germany could not stay out of this list, mainly because it is a city that has it all, a great nightlife, beautiful and varied art galleries, good restaurants, museums and beautiful architecture, some important examples are the Cathedral from Berlin or the Charlottenburg Palace.

If you visit this town you will need days to see everything you want as markets where you can buy souvenirs for your friends and family, jazz bars, typical places, the largest outdoor gallery in the world, or the walking route through the History of the city.

Germany is undoubtedly a country full of splendor, history, art and nature; it has the ideal environment to make you forget all your problems during the holidays. The best thing is that there are perfect places to satisfy all tastes and nobody is exempt from marveling at everything it has to offer.


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