6 Tricks of WhatsApp Status

Tricks of WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp is constantly renewed. Its latest release, The Status, is but one more proof of its intention to turn the instant messaging app into a full-blown social network. Surely you already know how to use them and even know their risks, but you still miss a few things. So read these 6 tricks of WhatsApp status carefully.

Mute WhatsApp Status

With the change of WhatsApp, you will have realized the obvious: text-only messages have disappeared to make way for multimedia messages. Before they went unnoticed, but now you may have discovered in your ‘Status’ tab that you have contacts that you thought were forgotten. If that’s the case, your status will matter little to you, right? If you want to keep the phone number in your phonebook, but don’t want to see their new status again, you can mute them.

Mute WhatsApp Status

To do this, when they upload a new story, long-press on their photo until you get a message asking if you want to silence it.

Lock, lock, lock

Put yourself on the opposite side: you don’t want all your contacts to see your status. Surely you have your boss, coworkers, your parents, or your children in your phone book and you do not want to know certain facets of your life. You can select who sees your stories.

To do this, press -within the tab ‘WhatsApp Status’ on the Settings button on Android or Privacy on iOS and you will immediately see the privacy options for WhatsApp status: you have three options: ‘My contacts’; ‘My contacts’, except’; ‘Just share with…’

Remember that the privacy options of the status are not saved as before and you must repeat the previous step with each new status that you upload.

Know the impact of your stories

Do you want to know how many people have seen your stories? And who? You can, and that is if your contacts are gossips, WhatsApp will leave them in evidence. To monitor the impact of your stories, go to the Status tab and click on ‘My Status’ and swipe up: there you will see how many people have seen your status and who.

Avoid being seen

Avoid being seen

Related to the previous point and equal to the double blue check of the messages, in the status you can deactivate the option of ‘Reading confirmations’. It is the same tab of the double blue check of the messages, but it also serves to avoid ‘being seen’ when you see a status. Of course, you will not see who sees your status and the display counter will always be 0.

It passes from one status to another

When you click on a WhatsApp status, you will not only see that status: the app will automatically reproduce all the available status, just as it happens in Instagram Stories. If you want to go from one to the other, you can press on the sides of the screen or slide your finger completely on the front of the mobile.

Pause the playback of a Status

Although it is not usual, some of your contacts may be excessively long and you may not have time to see it. If you don’t want AutoPlay to jump to the next video, touch and hold the screen and the status will pause until you stop touching it.


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