7 Best Sales Techniques to Increase Your Income in Your Business


Sales techniques is something that is talked about a lot and wherever you see it, however if you need to be clear that not all sales techniques are going to serve you, because of the type of business.

You have to put all of them into practice to see which one makes you feel the best and see which one gives you the best result.

Before seeing the sales techniques so that you can put them into practice, you need to identify who “is your customer”. To achieve this it is necessary to know the following:

  • What is the problem you solve? One of the best ways to sell is by letting your customer knows what the problem is and that you can solve it.
  • If the client knows that he has the problem, let him know how you can help him and what the solution of the problem would mean for him or the company

Already having this clear let’s see what are the sales techniques

Sales technique # 1. Don’t focus on the sale

One of the mistakes that many comment on is that they are focused on selling, this is a mistake. It is better to focus on the solution that is provided for the client’s problem.

Set priorities depending on these criteria

  1. When they buy
  2. What is the knowledge or positioning of the client about our services, company or product
  3. Who consumes or not our product or service

When a customer does not know us, a direct sales process cannot be done because trust must first be generated.

Sales technique # 2 Focus on how much your client knows you and when making decisions

You cannot treat a client who already knows who you are and how you work for one who has no idea of ​​you and your services.

You have to generate visibility and credibility for the sector in which you are moving. It is essential that you focus on identifying problems for each of the sectors.

One suggestion is that you focus on one sector or two at a time, since you have penetrated enough in that sector you can start moving to another one to penetrate another one.

Doing this helps you to focus your attention, to understand their problems well, to know what their pros and cons are and to become an expert in that sector.

It may seem very striking to want to eat the entire market at once, but the reality is if you follow that path you will not advance as fast as if you do it focused on one sector and since you master it you can move on to another.

Sales Technique # 3 Create a unique strategy.

Focus on creating a unique presentation; however do not present the same for all your prospects.

It is better to create a machete or format as a base and from there go putting unique customer information.

It covers the specific needs of each client, and always looking for ways to solve their problems.

Do not focus on selling; create a goal for each meeting for example: get more information, access another person, and close the sale.

Sales technique # 4. Get ready for each client

We already talked about creating a unique strategy for each client, and this is also based on generating expectation.

The idea is to ensure that when you are giving the presentation the client is receptive due to the expectations generated previously.

Your presentation must have the following:

  1. Ask questions that denote knowledge about the client
  2. Stop talking and make the client speak and say their real needs
  3. Focus on customer needs based on industry knowledge
  4. Achieve the objective of the presentation (whatever it may be)

Sales technique # 5 Concrete objective

You have to have the purpose of the meeting well established. If you are in the stage of knowing your client, do not try to make a closing because you lost the sale.

And on the contrary if you are in the closing stage, do not try to know more about the client, your mind has to be focused on the specific objective of each stage.

Sales technique # 6 Always stay in your customer’s mind

This point can be somewhat confusing, because the seller can become harassing for the buyer.

The idea is only that the buyer always has in mind, an email to give information about your services, or give advice, make follow-up calls (without getting too much and looking desperate for the sale).

This is where marketing can help a lot to achieve this since it can help you stay in the top mind without becoming annoying.

Sales technique # 7. Always give an after sale service

One of the keys to be able to give a good closing of sale is the post service. Let your client know that your service does not end when you close the sale and always do your best to achieve that service.

Be honest and clear. If for some reason you cannot deliver the service or product on the scheduled date, be honest and clear.

Explain why and give an immediate solution to that, do not avoid turning around as that will make you look worse.

It is easier to generate a sale from someone who already bought you than someone who barely knows you. Do not miss the opportunity to generate more sales with this customer.


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