7 Fascinating Places to Visit in Iceland and Enjoy


Without a doubt, Iceland is a country that offers beautiful landscapes and views, which are stored in memory only with a glance. You can’t put aside these 7 fascinating places to visit in Iceland.

To begin to understand which the fort of Iceland is, it is necessary to focus on its mountains, they are the robes that cover and protect this spectacular destination that will leave you with your mouth open.

To start this list it has been difficult to formalize 7 incredible places to go in Iceland since it enjoys unique landscapes and beauty surrounds the nation, but here are those who have managed to stand out from the rest.

The beautiful city of Reykjavik

Reykjavík is one of the cities of Iceland where beauty on a warm afternoon is easy to observe, with a magical film background formed by the snowy mountain junctions.

It is the perfect place to arrive and stay as long as necessary to start the adventure through the horizons that Iceland offers. Colonial / modern architecture and tall houses are striking and distinctive of other countries where they handle similar structures because of the cold weather.

There are also within the city, unique places to visit a quality morning or a night of stars such as Lake Tjörn and Laugaveugr, its renowned church, among others.

Vatnajokull National Park

This bright park is covered by an incredible expanse of ice that is considered one of the largest in Europe.

It is necessary to have the relevant excursion equipment to venture into this “white” park named for citizens, where an average of 415 meters deep in the ice is registered in some areas.

Far below the icy mantle that covers it, volcanic soil is active that sometimes creates natural phenomena in Icelandic lands.

The amazing Asbyrgi canyon

Crossing in the northeast direction of Iceland is an imposing canyon. With a shape similar to that of a horseshoe it is a place where you need to go and take a collection of photos to remember.

You will enjoy beautiful landscapes, powerful winds, a relaxing silence and of course the pleasant feeling that you are one with nature.

One of the places where hundreds of thousands of tourists visit every year to contemplate such a majestic place where the panorama is a true work of art.

The great waterfall of Gullfoss

There are many magnificent waterfalls in the world and it is impossible not to highlight that of Iceland, it has some others, but the Gullfoss waterfall is glorious for its contrast of ice and spring warmth that gives a fantasy context.

There is no reason that prevents you from visiting it, it is a perfect time to enjoy alone or with your family where peace may not reign, but if the warm sound of the strong waters running through 32 meters of fall that ends up branching on your way until you reach a Beautiful valley as a destination.

Coming from the waters that overflow the waterfall is the Hvíta River, the preferred place for rafting.

Villagers also as a way to make a living and promote tourism, offer climbing tours until the tour ends in the beautiful voucher to end with a picnic.

The monumental Thingvellir national park

This rocky and beautiful old park in Iceland is an ideal place to visit; the geology of the area is undoubtedly its highlight, with a variety of landscapes that make you live many contexts in a short time.

This beautiful park is recognized by UNESCO, is a worthy representation of Iceland. The story that tells this land of Thingviller reveals the origin of Iceland. In addition to being a tourist place, it also represents a historic site in the creation of the country.

Skaftafell, admirable nature reserve

If you plan to get to know Iceland thoroughly, you can’t stop going to Skaftafell. With more than 4750 kilometers of breadth, it is the strangest and most varied park in Iceland.

It gives images that if they are not seen in their flesh, they are not believed, because they have a fancy design where the heat of the volcanic lands and the ice of the north meet face to face forming this magnificent landscape created by nature.

Glaciers, icy waters, a beautiful dark, black waterfall, splendid cliffs and more, this natural reserve pleases anyone’s tastes with its beauty and majesty.

Blue Lagoon, perfect hot springs

Now when you need to rest a little from having known so many impressive places that will be eternally stored in your memory, it is time to relax in the best natural spa that Iceland offers.

Due to its geothermal activity, return saltwater into warm thermal waters perfect for your body, full of minerals that allow you to purify and rid your body of harmful toxins.

Blue Lagoon has received thousands of tourists every year is a top 3 of the representative sites of Iceland, where the crystalline water vapors create those airs of relaxation.


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