7 Secret Tricks to Clean the Most Complicated Places in Your House


We review the best secret tricks to clean the most difficult corners of the home that always escape us, like the shower curtains or the area under the bed.

If you are one of those who believe that cleaning the house is dusting and sweeping the floors, it is time to take the bull by the horns and get used to the idea that those cursed places that are in all the houses, like the full carpet of stains, inaccessible corners under the bed, or the service, you also have to clean them.

TheForbiz website has consulted several cleaning experts who explain how to clean the most complicated places in the house.

It is not a pleasant activity, but it must be done. If we follow the advice of the professionals, we will finish sooner and the cleaning will be more lasting.

The kitchen and the fires

The fat and the remains of food incrusted in the fires, if you still do not have glass-ceramic, is one of the biggest nightmares when cleaning the house.

If the dirt is still hot experts recommend using hot soapy water and a microfiber cloth, which absorbs fat well.

If the dirt is embedded, wet the area with a sponge and use a degreaser, which should act for several minutes, to reduce the adherence of the dirt.

Perfect crystals

Surely more than once, when cleaning the glass, you have been left eateries, or traces of paper or fluff. This is due to two mistakes that most make when cleaning the glass: use a lot of product, and a rag that leaves residues. When cleaning the glass you have to use little product, and a cloth with microfibers, which leaves no trace. It is not necessary to buy a specific cleaner. It is enough to mix a part of water and another part of vinegar in equal parts.

Dishwasher with odors

If the dishwasher emits odors, even when it is empty, it is because there are remains of food embedded somewhere. It is advisable to remove the remains of the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

To remove the smell you have to do a wash cycle. With the dishwasher empty, we must complete a cycle at high temperature with some type of product to clean the dishwasher. You can also use a little white vinegar, or a bowl of lemons cut into pieces and submerged in water. If the edges of the machine are very dirty, they can be sprayed with baking soda before washing.

Clean under the bed

Do not you want to kneel under the bed, or the arms do not reach every corner? The most practical is a dust mop with microfibers. You can make one by tying a microfiber cloth around the broom, with rubber bands.

Carpet with spots

If greasy food falls on the carpet, the biggest mistake we can make is to rub it to clean it. It will spread more. If a plate of spaghetti or a pizza with melted cheese falls on the carpet, we collect the food without frond, and put a white towel on top, to absorb the fat. We must use a certified anti-stain product for carpets, which must be put on and left to dry. If we do not have one at hand, a home remedy is to mix a teaspoon of dishwasher detergent, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and a cup of water. You have to pour it over the stain and let it dry.

Splashing in the microwave

It has all happened to us all. We have spent the microwave programming, and in an oversight the food has exploded and has stained all the outside.

Experts recommend putting a full glass of water (may contain pieces of lemon) and activate the microwave for two or three minutes. Let it sit for two or three minutes so that the steam disinfects the splashes of food. After cleaning with a cloth of microfiber and hot water with soap.

The dreaded toilet

It is one of the most complicated places in the house to clean. A good cleaning trick is to pour half a cup of white vinegar both in the cup and inside the cistern, and leave for a few minutes. After cleaning with a cleaning product and a brush to rub. To reduce the appearance of dirt and scale, it is advisable to use a product that is introduced into the tank and cleaned from the inside.

Shower curtains

Many people throw them and put new ones when they get dirty, but most of the shower curtains can be washed. If you have a quality washing machine you can put them in the drum with water and two cups of bleach. You leave it for an hour, and activate a wash cycle.

We have seen how to clean the most complicated places in the house. It is simpler than it seems, and by using professional methods they will stay clean longer. Let’s do it!


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