7 Tips to Help Relieve Sensitive Skin


Here is something you may not know: all skins can sometimes have signs of sensitivity. External factors in our environment such as pollutants, weather, our diet and the irritants found in some beauty products can cause sensitivity, make the skin feel tense, itchy or inflamed. Hurrah. But as long as you can’t change the weather, you can make simple changes to your skin care routine to help relieve and protect, and prevent those annoying reactions.

1. Let’s get back to basics

If it is sensitive skin, the simpler the better starting with your cleanser, forget about the harmful ingredients, chemicals, perfume and dye, and instead look for soft products that provide relief and work in balance with the natural pH of your skin.

Too much cleaning? It’s the fashion! Super clean is not the feeling you want for your skin: we want it to feel gently clean and renewed. Simplify your skin care kit with products such as ours Simple micellar water, which does not dry the skin but removes dead cells, impurities and excess oiliness daily, gently.

2. Take off your makeup before going to sleep

Ah, we know that, but it’s the last thing we want to do before going to sleep! Although removing your makeup before getting into bed can quickly become a (good) habit. The skin may look worse if we leave the makeup on to count sheep. A gentle cleanser can help keep sensitive and clean skin fresh at the end of the day.

Worried because the foam can leave your skin feeling tight? A cleanser like Simple micellar water, which is also a make-up remover, can help you remove dirt, without leaving your skin dry.

3. Carefully treat sensitive skin

We can be a bit rough when we clean. Without noticing, rubbing, tugging and even dryness after cleaning can make the skin more sensitive. Take a little more time when you are removing your makeup. Use a cotton disc soaked in eye makeup remover, hold it over the eye a little longer to give it time to dissolve that rebel makeup and take it out in an instant!

4. Protected sensitive skin from the sun

The sun does not need to shine for the skin to suffer the harmful effects of its UV-A and UV-B rays. Cloudy days can also damage the skin. Keep your skin protected year-round including the use of a sunscreen in your skin care routine.

5. Make your skin fresh

Too much heat can destabilize sensitive skin, so I turned to warm water to wash your face and avoid very hot showers. If you feel your skin needs to cool, put a soaked hand towel in the freezer to use as a cold compress on the irritated skin.

6. Protection against pollution

Throughout the day, air pollution can adhere to the skin and damage its natural barrier. Over time, these particles can accumulate on the skin and cause irritation. Our suggestion? Clean frequently, at the beginning and at the end of each day, to remove dirt and impurities. Out of home? I had a pack of cleaning wipes in your bag for emergency cleaning, without having to cut with your routine.

7. Drink water

Make your skin feel relaxed and clean while maintaining high levels of hydration. Moisturizing twice a day will help sensitive skin to be balanced, while drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated. A beautiful bottle on your desk is an excellent reminder that you have to keep drinking water.

Although all skins may be sensitive at some time, these seven tips will help you keep “under the carpet” the signs of sensitive skin.


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