8 SEO Strategies That Will Make a Difference for 2019


2019 will be a big year for SEO as well as digital marketing, with innovative trends, updates, as well as tools which help to optimize our techniques as well as strategies to perform better overall. This will help to boost SEO to new heights, leaves more room for growth shortly.

According to HubSpot, in 2018, 61 percent of marketers say improving SEO as well as growing their organic existence was their top inbound marketing priority. This number is only increasing. To keep you in the know, we have 8 of the best SEO techniques to make your 2019 marketing strategy epic.

Mobile friendly design

Make sure your website is mobile friendly. The large number of Google searches are performed on mobile devices. Our one recommendation is to make sure your mobile design is responsive. Don’t create a separate mobile website because this will steal authority as well as link equity from your main domain.

Use cookies

Using links that trace users’ paths from the present webpage they are accessing to your blog’s home page is another excellent trick to consider. There are several types of cookies like path, location, and keywords. The possibilities are everlasting.

The need for Optimizing the Images

 Now, this is one essential thing which every website requires getting it done. A site with the lack of images certainly digs your grave quite deep. It’s just not an image with thousand words as it attracts thousands of other visitors if the images are optimized in the proper, correct way.

You should focus on optimizing your blog images for your SEO services page. There are various hacks which you could utilize to optimize the pictures which will automatically aid you in the ranking of your page. 

Improve Your Page Loading Speed

While a user goes to your website, more time does it take for your web pages to load?  If it takes too long, it may turn away your potential visitors from your website along with bad user experience.

To increase your page loading speed, you have to analyze the factors which are slowing your pages. Like your images are too heavy for the page, you are using the wrong theme, or you have too much external embedded media, any of these factors could be the reason slowing down your page loading speed.

Generate only quality content

The superior the quality of your posts, the top your Google ranking. Make sure your content is unique and error free before posting.

Share other bloggers’ content

You will require to share other people’s content to have them share yours. Find the pages that related to your company’s values as well as the mission and begin sharing.

Optimize for Voice Search

Voice searchers have diverse habits than text searchers, as well as the devices they’re using (whether that’s an Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri),  take information from SERPs to replay detail  from the featured snippet box back as their answer. And the last strategy you should focus to  Write Content Around Long-Tail Keywords.


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