9 Tips To Choose The Right Decorating Your Home


Decorating the house has its delights and pains. The choice of each object should balance personal preferences, with each one judging as comfortable for the space available at home.

Often, in the impulse to buy objects that bring a certain charm, people end up ignoring the functionality of the spaces and end up compromising the coziness of the house. Not everything that is beautiful is necessary.

And it was thinking about how to help you in every decorative choice for the first decoration or the remodeling of your home that we brought today’s post. We have put together 9 good tips for you to take note of when planning each space in your home. These are tips that, together with the projects of our  incredible professionals , bring clarity about the main care you must have when choosing the decoration of your home.

Following each indication, we are sure that you will be closer to making your home the best place in the world. At Sishawa you will get to know various tips for decorating home.

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1. Choose the right size sofa for the living room

The sofa is one of the main items of your home. In the  living room is basically this mobile that will ensure the comfort of your day to day and your guests.

However, it is important to keep in mind that comfort does not always mean large size parts. Take into consideration the size of the living room and the best organization point of the sofa before choosing it.

Often, the addition with an armchair, chairs or poufs will be enough to expand the accommodations on visiting occasions.

2. Make the room forgotten a special little corner

Many houses have an additional small bedroom which, at other times, was dedicated to the maid. If this is the corner of your home, but your family has concentrated all the old and broken objects in this nook, maybe it’s time to review everything there, get rid of what no longer provide and create a new special nook in your such as a home office or a bedroom for the kids to play.

3. Choose a table that fits your home space

Take into consideration the routine use of your <a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dining_room”>dining room</a> at the time you choose the table. It seems obvious, but many people end up getting carried away by impulsiveness and buying dinner tables with a number of places that will never be occupied.

4. Leave comfortable spaces for movement

The minimum distance of 90 cm is recommended. between furniture and walls so that the environments offer comfort for the circulation. A good way to ensure that the corridors are comfortable before deciding to buy the furniture is by scribbling it on a smaller scale where the spaces are to be simulated. And of course, always count on professional consultancies so you do not risk being wrong.

5. Study each purchase well

Think about the functionality of each object you are buying for decoration. Will a particular luminaire have a more aesthetic or functional function? Remember that to hit more you need to have fewer decorative items. This will be fundamental to refer to more comfortable environments.

6. Prioritize the organization of the kitchen

The kitchen should never cease to be a functional and comfortable environment. Always keep in mind that it is necessary to organize your appliances and utensils in order to achieve agility and safety. Appliance towers, for example, are great solutions. Another tip for those who will start from scratch or reform is to opt for bespoke solutions that never disappoint.

7. Prefer the integration of spaces

If your home has a few square meters, the best solution for social spaces is the integration of the environments. Avoid using partitions or other options that further shrink each location.

8. Value natural lighting

Natural lighting plays a very important role in the idea of ​​providing shelter, ventilation and a sense of greater space in the home. For this, give preference to coatings and light colors for the walls. If the idea is to get away from monochrome boredom, the punctual combination with wood elements will be perfect for denoting comfort.

9. Balance the amount of decorative objects

Lastly, this is a tip for those most in love with decorative objects. If you go through places with incredible options like new store , and end up taking more than necessary, remember to opt for shelves or niches to organize the decor. If there is visual balance in the environments, the quantity of parts will not be a big problem.


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