9 ways to improve your LinkedIn profile in 5 minutes


Discover the 9 steps to follow to improve your LinkedIn profile quickly and easily. It stands out in the professional network and for a better networking!

LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool: with 500 million users, the opportunities are getting bigger, but the competition too. As the LinkedIn community grows it is increasingly important to take care of our profile to stand out.

In addition, the professional social network is betting on a continuous renewal, with the recent incorporation of video and its service to connect apprentices with professional mentors for free the possibilities in the network are increasing.

The good news is that updating your profile will not take long; the key is to pay attention to the details.

These are the 9 steps to follow to improve your LinkedIn profile quickly and easily:

  1. Make your profile public: Make sure your LinkedIn is public to increase the chances of recruiters seeing your profile. You can do so by accessing settings where you will find the privacy section; Once there click on “edit your public profile” and make sure you have marked “Make my public profile visible to all” in the right sidebar. However, there are situations in which it is not advisable to have a public profile; discover how to adapt your LinkedIn privacy to your professional situation.
  2. Update your location: Including your current location will increase your opportunities on LinkedIn, since you will appear among the results when recruiters look for professionals in your area. In addition to this way other users may invite you to interesting events in your city. In settings, under the account section you will find the option “Name, location and sector” where you can make the changes.
  3. Be smart when choosing your skills: It is important to carefully select those skills that you want to excel for. Include those skills that make sense in your profession, and eliminate the rest. So, be sure to order them from most to least important. Your goal is to find you more easily with keywords and emphasize who you are and what you do. Check our SEO keys on LinkedIn to increase the visibility of your profile. You can add new skills by accessing your profile under the section “skills and validations highlighted.” So, ask your contacts to validate your skills, since profiles with LinkedIn with validated skills will get 17 times more visits.
  4. Customize your URL: Change your URL to make it easier for LinkedIn users to find you. To do this, access your profile and on the right you will see the possibility of “editing my public profile”; when you press, your profile will appear ready to edit and on the right you will find the function “Edit URL of the public profile”. Try to match your URL with the rest of your accounts.
  5. Ask for a recommendation: Take a minute to ask a former boss or co-worker to write you a recommendation. Be sure to write a personal message and always give thanks.
  6. Update your profile picture: The cropped photo is not worth it, and the selfie with morritos, either, and this is not Facebook. Check our tips on photos that you should always avoid on LinkedIn. To change your photo on LinkedIn, access your profile and click on the symbol to edit on the right side of your photo.
  7. Follow the right people: Not only are you interested in having a network of contacts, it is also recommended that you follow influential people who inspire you to read articles and tips that help you improve professionally.
  8. Change your headline: Your headline will be the first thing that other users see when they access your profile, so you care to take care of it and stand out on LinkedIn. Every time you change jobs, LinkedIn updates it by default; But having an automatic headline is not what you are most interested in: try to personalize it and give it a distinctive and informative touch at the same time.
  9. Write an excerpt: It is one of the most complete biographies that every user has on the internet, and probably the one that more times will be read, so take advantage of it. Follow our tips to get the most out of the LinkedIn extract.


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