A Guide to Protecting Your Baby’s Teeth


Oral hygiene starts even before any teeth emerge. Parents should know that oral care for kids is as important as for adults. Like grown-ups, kids too are prone to risk if their oral care is ignored. When a right oral care foundation is laid, children go on to achieve a better oral health and live life disease-free in most cases. Parents should also not hesitate in seeking professional help if they are not sure about the ways to providing right oral care to their little ones.     

Here is a complete guide to protect your baby’s teeth –

1. Start Early

Oral hygiene in baby should start before any teeth breaks through. So, even when no teeth are present in the mouth, parents should wipe off the gums of little ones after every meal. This will prevent build up of bacteria on the baby’s gum. A damp or warm washcloth can be used for wiping off the gums and this will ensure a right start to baby’s oral care journey.  

2. A Dental Visit by Age One

Dentists all around the world recommend people to take their baby to the dentist by age one. This will help in two ways – first, any potential dental problem may be spotted early, and second, the child will become used to the idea of dental visit. With early preventive care, parents can save over future dental care and also lay the foundation of a perfect oral health for their child.  

3. Don’t Delay Using a Toothbrush

Some parents worry about the use of a toothbrush on their baby’s teeth. Well, they should not, as by brushing the teeth from the moment they emerge; the risk of decay can be kept away. When the teeth emerge, you can replace gum wiping with tooth brushing and minimize risk of bacteria and plaque. But yes, use only a soft-bristled toothbrush and be gentle and use only a pea-sized paste.

4. Use Fluoride-containing Toothpaste

Parents should choose toothpaste with care when it comes to their kids’ oral health. A paste containing fluoride is always a good choice as it ensures strength to the teeth and saves tooth decay. However, it’s vital to know the amount of toothpaste to use for kids.  A rice-grain sized amount is recommended for kids from 1 to 3 years and only that a pea-sized amount is good. 

5. Include Flossing in Oral Care 

A toothbrush is often not able to reach to different parts of the teeth. Nor can it clean between the teeth. Flossing can do that to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Begin flossing as soon as the teeth of your kid start touching. Once day floss is good and if possible does it at night to not allow food stuff between the teeth for the whole night. 

6. Keep Kids off Sugary Items

Sugar is bad for the health teeth. It can harm the pearly whites when in any form be it candies, juice, soda, cola, sports drinks, chocolate etc. Even if your child can’t stop having sugar altogether, make sure the intake quantity is curbed gradually over a period of time. With sugar comes the risk of tooth decay and the earlier your understand that the better.  

7. Make Kids Drink More Water Daily

Water is good for everyone. It can serve your kids well. If your tot drinks plenty of water daily, he/she will have minimized dental risk greatly. So, you should make them rid sugary juices and beverages and rather switch to plain old water. This will help hydrate the oral cavity leading to more saliva production in the mouth. This will help remove food items and plaque from within the teeth and ensure total oral care to them.

8. Guide Your Child through Oral Care

Children learn by doing. What better than parents to guide them and motivate them. You can teach them the right way to brush, floss and all that matters with oral care. If you child can see you with oral care, he/she will feel motivated to follow in your suit. You can make the brushing session interesting as well by including songs and dance routine. If you are regular with oral care and hygiene, chances are your kid to would take the cue.  

9. Consult the Pediatric Dentist 

Parents should never make the mistake of taking their kids to any dentist and rather they should always visit kids dentist near me. Such dentists specialize in child care and then know the psychology of children. They have expertise in providing dental care to kids and with them your tot’s dental health will always be in safe hand. Plus, you should take the kid to the dentist at least twice a year so that any underlying oral concern can be spotted early, and treatment started timely.


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