Anna Moore on Embracing Multiple Career Paths

Anna Moore on Embracing Multiple Career Paths

Nowadays, it is quite common to hear people such as doctors saying that they wish to write novels or carpenters who want to become app developers, etc. And as ambitious and creative creatures, many of us dream of switching jobs from time to time in order to have the opportunity to leave our mark in all our areas of occupational interest.

However, taking a leap from current positions has made many individuals hesitate to pursue their diverse career choices. According to them, drastically hopping from one occupation to another is very risky, and the possibility of success is highly unlikely.

However, the issue here is that these individuals aren’t looking at the bigger picture: instead of looking at leaving one’s current job, one can consider the opportunity of indulging in more than one job.

If this seems impossible, then let us share with you a close insight into the life of Anna Moore- a highly acclaimed individual who has accomplished many feats in diverse fields that we can only hope to achieve.

Anna Moore is currently an American actress, singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, producer, and environmentalist- and we wouldn’t be surprised if other occupational roles are added to that list.

Initially, Anna was always into the entertainment industry- her eyes set on her goals of being an actress. And after she graduated from high school, Anna started polishing her acting skills at the New York University Tisch School of Arts.

Entering the entertainment industry, Anna Moore made her feature film acting debut in 2007 when she starred alongside famous actress Uma Thurman in Magnolia Pictures’ dramatic feature ‘The Life Before Her Eyes.’ Anna then starred in several works such as ‘I’m Charlie Walker,’ ‘Criminal Minds,’ etc. Eventually, Anna’s talent as an actress was recognized when she won the Best Actress Award for her lead role in “Fight Fish” at the Vision Film Festival in NYC.

Aside from acting, being active in politics was another one of Anna’s favorite hobbies. During her high school years, she was a part of many debate clubs and even won an honorable award for her involvement in the statewide Youth & Government Mock Legislature and Court Program in Sacramento, CA.

And we have only just tapped the surface of her many career accomplishments. But why exactly has Anna taken on so many career roles? And why are even more people taking an interest in seeking multiple employment opportunities? To answer your queries, here are a few reasons Anna Moore has shared to enlighten us about facts that could very well alter our assumptions on approaching multiple career opportunities. 

Enhancing Competitive Edge

Working in diverse careers helps in increasing one’s skillset and improves one’s progression as an individual.

Moreover, there is a high demand for people with various skillsets who can work in several fields- and if you combine your knowledge and expertise to maximize your talents in the business market, you will be considered a highly sought out and valuable employee.

Amplify Your Streams of Income

Working in several fields also gives your finances an additional boost. You can attain the benefits of earning money from more than one source, which works effectively in ensuring that if a particular career income is lacking in revenue, you can always make ends meet through other employment sources.


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