Australian Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens


Indian citizens who want to visit Australia only for tourism need to apply for a visitor visa (subclass 600)

Subclass 600 visa requires from applicants to fulfill some criteria otherwise they are not suitable for this type of visa. The criteria are:    

Reason of visiting Australia cannot be work, business or medical treatment, because each of that purpose of visiting have a separate visa subclass and special criteria to fulfill. Very important criteria are applicant’s proof that they want to stay in Australia temporarily. Also important criteria to fulfill is sufficient funds of applicant that is also proof that the applicant can support themselves while in Australia and that applicant is not in Australia for work and money. Last but not least, applicants should qualify for the public interest criteria which includes two things: character and health.     

To get Australia tourist visa subclass 600 Indian applicants also need to provide their immigration history, which includes following:    

  • History of their previous visitation of Australia and complied with the visa rules (if applicant visited Australia before)     
  • The number of all previous Australia visa applications     
  • Their history of all overseas travels

As it is said before, applicants need to prove that they are going to visit Australia for a temporary period, so they need to submit the following proofs:

  • Proof of employment in India.     
  • Proof of leave approved by the employer.    
  • Proof of admission in a school or university.     
  • Proof of regular income, either from the bank statements or from assets in personal possession.    
  • Proof of family ties that applicant have in India and/or Australia.     
  • Proof of commitments that applicant have in India, voluntary work, membership in certain organizations.     

Documents required for Australian tourist visa:    

  • Form 1419 Application for a Visitor Visa.     
  • Personal documents: Passport with notarized copy of all pages. Photographs (two recent passport – sized 45 mm x 355 mm photos of applicant with applicant name printed on the back of each photo).
  • Purpose of the visit: Itinerary which includes all details of a trip such as the places applicant will visit and the activities that applicant plan to engage.     

Financial Documents:

  • Copy of bank statements that show history of consistent savings.    
  • Copy of documents that show details of assets and funds possessed by the applicant.     
  • If a relative or friend in Australia finance applicant visit then proof of the invitation letter, tax documents, and submit a Statutory Declaration that states support.     
  • Employment related documents    
  • Letter from employer which contains: salary, employment period, leave confirmation and contact of the person writing the letter.     
  • In case of self- employed or retired applicant needs proof of business registration or proof of retirement    
  • If the applicant is a student then he need proof of studying in that can be a letter from the institute. 

Character and Health related documents:    

  • Applicants might be asked to go through some medical tests.     
  • Proof of health insurance for the period of the stay in Australia     
  • AusAid students    
  • If children are under 18, form 1229 need to be filled and also notarized “no objection certificate” from the parent not accompanying the child and copies of both parents passports.   

Australia tourist visa fees from India is 135 AUD (price can change)    

Indians can apply for tourist visa in two ways. They can apply online or offline. The online process is more used and they can apply using immi Account. Offline process is through Australian Visa Application Centre or Visa Office present in New Delhi. The application process takes about 15 working days.


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