Baby Diaper Benefits and Side Effects


Diaper Children’s diapers are usually a form of nappies. In earlier times, small children were used to wear nappies in the village country so that if they did potties, they could be changed quickly. But for a few years, diapers have been used instead. Nowadays the use of diapers is being used not only in the cities, but also in the villages, people wear diapers in newborn babies. If a woman is going out of the house with her child on a hospital, on a trip or for a long time, then in this situation the diaper is very convenient for the child

Types of Diapers

Diapers are usually of different types and different varieties are present in different countries. But generally disposable diapers and cloth diapers (napi) are in excessive circulation. But there is a difference between these types of diapers. Some people consider using clothes diapers better, while some people believe that disposable diapers are more beneficial.

In this article, you will tell the advantages and disadvantages of both types of diapers and disposable diapers, but before that, let’s know why children are given diapers.

Why diapers are worn kids – Uses of diaper

By wearing diapers when potty or piss, they do not spoil the bed and their pants and do not need to change clothes again and again.

One big advantage of wearing baby diapers is that you do not need to dirty your hands and after wearing potty in the diaper you can wear a second diaper baby.

By wearing a diaper baby, you can remain anxious and for some reason you are not able to change your child’s diaper immediately, then there is no harm in keeping it like this for some time.

If the child’s health is poor or there is a problem of diarrhea or diarrhea, then in this situation the diaper becomes very beneficial and you do not have the problem of unnecessarily.

Cloth diapers absorbs more stool urine – Cloth diapers for more absorbent

It is believed that the clothing diaper completely absorbs the baby’s urine and stool and does not allow it to fall on the bed. Even the baby can be kept wearing the clothes diapers all night and there is no redness on her skin, hence the diaper of clothes for the child is considered to be more beneficial.

Cloth diaper (napi) is cheaper – Cloth Diapers is cheaper

The costume diaper is very cheap and it does not have to be heavy on the pocket. As long as the child does not grow up, he needs to wear a diaper continuously, so buying a diaper on some parents’ pockets starts to become overwhelming. The biggest advantage of this diaper is that it can be used multiple times and there is no need to buy a new diaper again and again.

Damage to clothing diapers – side effects of cloth diaper

If you wear your child’s diaper diaper, then after using it you cannot throw it. The clothing diapers are required to be washed and washed and your time can be wasted. Wearing clothes diapers can take the child out of the house or on the journey, because it is possible to keep the feces out of the stool and you cannot even clear i.e. major disadvantage of using clothes diapers is that the number of times the child potty may be required to change it as often as possible.

Disposable diaper loss – Side effects of disposable diaper

A study has found that the use of chemicals in disposable diapers is more than other diapers, and the use of this diaper can cause irritation and itching of the child’s delicate skin. Disposable diapers are also not good for the environment and it contaminates the atmosphere in the form of waste. If the disposable diaper is worn for a long time, the baby is more likely to have diaper races. Disposable diapers are more expensive than clothing diapers, so buying this diaper can also be heavy on the pocket. Like a cloth diaper it cannot be placed after use, so it is necessary to change frequently and buy a new diaper. Disposable diapers are usually not found in the size of all children, so sometimes buying them is a waste of money.


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