The Best Backup Software of 2020

Best Backup Software of 2020 Theforbiz

Do not expose your information and your data. We collect in this article the best backup software and backup programs so you can sleep peacefully by having your data safe as well as the disk images of your system.

The importance of the data has become so critical that no one doubts in resorting to backup software or backup programs that guarantee the integrity of the information in the event of a catastrophe, loss or theft of information due to a computer attack or a system failure.

Unlike physical documents, digital data is easier to find and locate on our mobile devices or devices. But in turn, they are still vulnerable to the possibility of being deleted or deleted for what backups come into play.

Although the main operating systems such as macOS and Windows have a series of tools that allow you to launch a backup, it is convenient to use more advanced and professional solutions that allow you to recover different versions of the copies made.

That is why it is convenient to invest a small amount of money in some of the backup programs and software that we propose here, some of which are free. Although the reliability of the systems has improved whole, the backups can take you out of a big squeeze, as happens to companies.

What should you look for in good backup software?

good backup software

The backup programs can be divided into two categories, either to make copies of files, with incremental copies of files, or for image copies of the disk to recover a computer that causes problems when it starts.

If you want to have a backup of your complete computer with its operating system and applications installed, you will need an image creation tool. If, on the contrary, what concerns you is your data, opt for backup software focused on copying files.

The tools that generate disk images have to make a backup of the entire hard disk of your system, byte by byte, so you will need an internal or external hard disk, or a network disk of the so-called NAS with enough space.

You may be interested in knowing the best external hard drives and SSDs to be able to carry out your backup copies of your files locally.

Another modality is to choose to make backup copies with cloud storage. These services, such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox, are not for backups, but rather to access files from any device and at any time.

Some programs are designed to back up data stored in the cloud, allowing new files to be copied to a PC or mobile device once they are available.

Choosing the right software is a process that involves deciding what type of backup you are interested in having in order for the software to offer the right functionality.

It is important that the backup be carried out at the appropriate time, and that it does not interfere with the performance of your equipment.

Here is a tutorial on how to make free backups on your PC.

free backups on your PC

If the files are considered sensitive, the vast majority of programs already consider encryption options to protect them and prevent access by third parties.

Next, we offer the best options on the market, some of which are free.

If what you want is to make a backup of your iPhone or iPad, here we show you four different options to backup so as not to lose information.

What is the best PC backup software of 2020?

Acronis True Image

  • $ 49.99

Powerful, very complete in functionality and simple to use. Thus we would define in a few words the Acronis partition and backup software developed for Windows platforms.

You can choose the files and folders from which you want to make the backup in case you do not want to make a backup of the whole computer, and the recovery options will allow you to select files if you do not need to recover everything.

In addition, the backup is performed in the background in order to ensure that the system and its performance are not affected. In addition, it includes end-to-end encryption to keep the information protected with the possibility of searching for files locally or in the cloud.

The 2019 Acronis True Image editions include ransomware protection, cryptocurrency, active disk cloning, backup statistics, activity logs and all-in-one recovery function called Survival Kit.

The standard package is priced at € 49.99, while there are also Advanced and Premium solutions with 250 GB and 1 TB respectively. There is the possibility of adding more storage as you need it.

You can also take advantage of the discounts that some manufacturers offer on time when they launch a new version. In this way, you can get last year’s edition at a discounted price.

EaseUS All Backup Free

  • Free

The service has a completely free version of backup with step-by-step instructions to help you make backups and recover your files quickly and easily.

There are also options that will allow you to ensure only the changes made since the last backup to save time and space, with a backup scheduler that can be adapted to the particular needs of each one.

In the free version, you will not be able to count on cloud storage, but you can always use another additional storage device such as a pendrive or local hard drive, or even a combination of both.

Above the free version you can find the Home and Business versions. The main difference between each of them is not the backup functionality, but the speed at which it performs the backups and recovers the files.

The Business version can be run through command line sequences and also includes a centralized management tool to handle various licensed computers.

For most home users, the free version will be sufficient to protect their systems if they use any version of Windows higher than XP. It even has a disk image mode specific to Windows 10 if you want to transfer it from your hard drive to an SSD drive.

Given that it is free, the toolkit is frankly good for what they ask in return.

Paragon Backup & Recovery

paragon backup software theforbiz
  • $ 49.95

Paragon’s motto is to help both people and organizations keep their data safe and in good condition. The software can back up individual files or the entire system, so it provides the complete package instead of just one aspect.

At first, the program has a wizard for all backup tasks, including the option to filter copies to store only the files you really want. A second assistant can help you make a single backup.

In case you do not have a destination with sufficient storage, the program lets you divide the backups into smaller portions to solve the problem.

The combination of scenarios is very flexible and adapts well to those who use their computers with various operating systems, applications or virtual drives. Speed ​​is another point in its favor, taking half the time to take than other free tools on the market.

Another incentive in its favor is that it is one of the few tools that support the backup of virtual disks, such as those created by the main hypervisors VMDK, VHDX, VHD, pVHD (such as VMware, Hyper-V or VirtualBox).

These backups can be mounted by virtual machines if you want to inspect the content quickly.

Finally, mention that Paragon Backup & Recovery is compatible with versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems and can even protect the encrypted volumes of Microsoft Bitlocker if you have used such technology.

To obtain the full list of features it is possible to directly consult the Paragon website.

Bvckup 2

  • $ 29.95

Bvckup 2 is a recognized utility within the backup software for offering fast and simple Windows backups focused on file synchronization and backups. You will not need additional steps, it just works.

If Bvckup 2 cannot copy a certain file, it will inform you that the operation failed and, quite likely, will offer you some indication of what caused it. Its interface is not especially graphic, but it is operational and allows solving problems.

It offers very interesting additional functions, such as the possibility of duplicating the backup in an additional location, a very interesting function if it turns out that you suffer a power outage or a system failure at that moment.

While it is not compatible with cloud storage services, if those services are connected to the file structure of the PC (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.), you can set them as local folders or back up your folders of work.

What Bvckup 2 does not do is copy a complete system so that it can be fully restored, so it is better to use it together with another tool that can generate ISO images of your system.

O&O AutoBackup 6

  • $ 29.95

This proposal focuses on offering a simple and clean application that automatically synchronizes to make backup copies of the files and folders you have on your hard drive or USB device.

The main difference with this solution is that it is activated automatically when you insert the backup media into the USB port of the computer, not worrying about the process if you have previously programmed the process or the copy.

For someone who captures data daily and needs to secure it in some way at the end of the workday, the AutoBackup method carried out by the program works frankly well.

Of course, AutoBackup 6 is not as efficient if what you have to do is restore a PC that has suffered damage to the drive, since it cannot make backup copies of an operating system or disk boot partitions.

For this purpose, the manufacturer offers as an alternative O&O DiskImage 14, a disk image copying tool that you can purchase at a recommended price of € 49.90.

In fact, the additional tools offered for the corporate environment are its strong point, with solutions focused on identifying bottlenecks and performance drops in server environments or network operating systems.


idrive theforbiz
  • Free for 5GB of space

Unlike what many solutions of this type offer in freeware mode, offering a trial period of the possibilities of the software, IDrive bases its operation on offering 5 GB of free space indefinitely, so you can see if it is indicated for you.

In the event that your needs are greater than 5 GB, as usual, you can opt for the iDrive Personal version that has an annual cost of $ 52 and the storage space is increased to 2 TB.

There is a higher version, designed primarily for companies, whose annual price is $ 74.62 and storage scale up to 250 GB. iDrive can protect multiple devices, such as Mac computers or mobile devices without additional licenses.

Speaking of Apple, iDrive works in a similar way to Time Machine, since you can go back to a specific version or restore a file at any time that is contemplated in your history before it was even damaged by malware.

What you will not get with iDrive is to protect your computer completely, capturing the disk image that other programs aimed at creating ISO images allow. Therefore, you will need an additional tool if you want a disaster recovery plan.

iDrive works frankly well with all cloud storage services, taking full advantage of broadband speeds. You can also manage the backup log under web browser and even access the data you want.


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