Best Island Resort Destination in Kerala


The best resort of Kerala

Salubriousness is dwelled upon our mother earth in aloof islands and living with them gives a lifetime nostalgic experience. Island resorts serve the best of living on a water logged island that has been built devoid of human beings.On pondering to finding such island resort “the gods own country” Kerala has the best of such places, where one could come across the best island resorts in Kerala located in Kollam, The Monroe island Lake resort is such a place serves as the best resort in Kollam which offers exciting tour packages with many facilities to enjoy like Charter boat fishing, Traditional food, Canoe tour, Houseboat tour and many more to explore through backwater cruising across the state and it is also renowned as Gateway to Kerala’s Enchanting Backwaters lake.

Island resort of serendipity

Holiday in Monroe island Lake resort would bean advent destination and being the best island resorts in Kerala,  it is a place of serenity with placid bay wrapped with coconut groves and seasonal bird view points. As it is conspicuously alluring beauty of nature, the island is termed as one of the best places for honeymoon couples at the best resort of Kerala. “Monroe Island Lake resort” serves as one of the best resorts in Kollam,the cottages are location on backwater of the lake at different places with all amenities, staying here is one of the serendipity on a backwater resorts, it’s a tranquil places to have a break from yourself and to have some quality time with your beloved once for the best occasions of your life.

The best holiday destination

The best part is reaching Monroe Island Lake Resort which is located in the juncture of Astamudi lake and Kallada river, this view gives stupendous experience of having visited the best resort of Kollam. The prominent lake Asthamudi gathered through canals where one could even enjoy fishing from land or from deep water on boat, this adds taste to your dishes when you taste the self cooked fish that fished yourself along with the traditional food of the state, these are bound to be experienced alongside the cluster of islands. The best resort in Kerala offers you to enjoy not only feeder canals but also Prawn fields, Mangrove forest and hamlets with amicable people to expedite your best time of your holidays. While making up once mind on holiday destination one cannot leave out the best resort in Kerala “the God’s own country”.


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