Best Mini Laptops for Gaming


Every laptop does not fulfill the criteria of a gaming machine. You cannot just opt-with any laptop to play your favorite titles. Every brand owns few products what they advertise as a gaming laptop. To find a perfect gaming beast under the budget price range, Best Mini Laptops for Gaming we will have to dig deep and search for specs, features, and other core functions.

Our today’s guide is to provide you with precise details to find a mini laptop for gaming. It is even harder than finding a gaming laptop. Mini laptops often do not come with the specification of playing games. They are believed to carry out typical day to day tasks on the go.

But, few brands have started learning what buyers are looking for. They have integrated the mini laptops with powerful hardware configurations.

So, have some patience and read the guide with widening eyes and an open mind.

What to look for when buying a mini laptop for gaming?

Before moving ahead, I need to ask a straightforward question- why you want to purchase a mini laptop for gaming, not a typicallaptop.

Why do you prefer having a small sized laptop to play games?

The answer is quite simple and straightforward; mini-laptop makes an excellent portable gaming beast. They are less in weight, high in portability and would not harm your shoulder while carrying them around even for entire a day long.

Let’s move forward and see the essential specs and features you must count while giving a shot. Also check Laptops For Architecture Advicebeast.


It took years to switch from gaming consoles to 17-inch gaming laptops. The transition of a proper-sized gaming laptop to Best Mini Laptops for Gaming took hardly took few years.

Even now, 15-17 inches laptops are considered ideal for gaming. Laptops of like HP, Dell, ASUS, and Lenovo have come up with mind-blowing gaming laptops adorned with amazing specs.

For a mini-laptop, the screen must not exceed than 11-inch. Though, larger-sized laptops are enjoyable to play games, but add to the weight, and make it difficult to carry, what you cannot handle.

You cannot just carry an 8-10 pound weighing machine on one shoulder and luggage on the other.

A screen integrated with IPS panels, wide-viewing angles, and vivid colors is an ideal grab. It comes at a price, and you have to pay to reach out these screen attributes.


A processor does all the processing. It is called the brain of the computer, and there is a solid reason behind this. If gaming is your primary focus, you must look for the latest generation processor. The newest generation processors will sky-rocket processing and other dozens of tasks. The latest models come equipped with a 9th generation processor, which adds to the budget, of course.

For a mini laptop, it is rare to witness a powerful processor. Notebooks the likes of Apple MacBook Air, Microsoft Go, and ASUS Zenbook pro air come with the dedicated processor to tackle the processing.

A mini laptop, and playing video games, you will have to rely on a relatively slow processor. Intel has manufactured small-sized processor to match the size of these machines.

Yes, on them, you can run video games, but not the latest AAA titles.


A RAM takes care of multitasking and adds to boost processing with directly affecting the access time. The more RAM, the faster you reach vital information stored in your computer.

Current gaming laptops are coming with ample 32-GB RAM size. For a notebook, to play video games, even 4GB would get the job done. Here I am presuming you not playing the latest AAA titles.

If your laptop houses 4GB RAM, you will efficiently play old pc games without any freezing or rendering error.


The biggest drawback a mini-laptop of this generation can have the shortage of storage. Yes, we have seen mini laptops usually integrate 16-64 GB storage, which does not make them a viable gaming option. The bigger storage sizes add to the size, and to lower down the weight, manufacturers have to cut corners.

For a mini laptop, having a 16-64GB SSD hard will be more than enough, and you will have to rely on it.


GPU, aka Graphics, is a dedicated processor to deal with visual processing. It is considered a vital organ to play the latest titles. You will not see any today’s gaming mini laptop featuring a dedicated graphics card of the quality NVidia.

NVidia had done a fantastic job and manufactured smaller in size graphics card for mini laptops. They are not enough powerful, but good to go for old PC games.

Battery Backup:

The most significant benefits of purchasing a mini laptop would be a reliable battery backup. They come with better battery life and usually last 10-15 hours with a single charging. Having a secure battery backup for a small-sized laptop is imperative. These are designed for traveling you cannot find a power-chord around to charge the battery. The mini laptops usually feature 40-50 WH batteries, which is good enough to make you spend an entire day without charging.

Final Thought:

The entire focus of today’s laptop is on mobility. As a result, mini laptops are witnessing a new high. We have provided you the details on what to look when buying a Mini Laptops for Gaming .

We have not added touchscreen feature, as gamers do not like this feature onboard. Though, most of the mini laptops are specially taken care of this feature.

Hope the guide will make you find the best laptop, what you have been seeking for. If you find the guide fruitful, please help us spread the message around.


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