Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 + / S20 Ultra

Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy

If you spend more than $950 or $1,000 on a mobile phone, you surely don’t want to risk having the screen broken or scratched shortly after buying it. It is time to invest in a good screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + or S20 Ultra.

Samsung phones are not cheap at all. If you are reading this, you probably know it well because not long ago you invested more than $900 in the new Galaxy S20 or even more than $1,000 in the Galaxy S20 + or Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The last thing you want is that, after spending such an amount of money, the premium aspect of your Galaxy disappears when the screen breaks. To avoid this, you will need to protect your panel with a screen protector.

These protectors, together with a case for the S20, will prevent the screen of your Galaxy from being shattered if your phone falls on the ground or scratches shortly after buying it. And all this without affecting the touch functionality.

Olixar glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S20

  • $ 21.99

Olixar is known for his fantastic collection of cases and screen protectors, so we have no hesitation in recommending this product. It is made of curved tempered glass, which gives complete protection for your Galaxy S20.

Do not worry because using this screen protector on your Galaxy S20 does not mean that you cannot also use a case to prevent the back of your phone from breaking. The protector is quite thin but efficient and will not come off easily.

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S20

  • $ 69.99

If you are looking for a screen protector that uses the latest technology, then you will like the Whitestone Dome Glass for Galaxy S20. Its use will not prevent you from using the fingerprint sensor without problem.

The protector comes with a few bottles of glue so that it fits perfectly on the screen and prevents annoying bubbles. It is also recommended to watch the installation video for a better result.

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S20

  • $ 8.99

Another leading manufacturer of the covers is Spigen. They also have in their collection a fairly affordable option to protect the screen of your Galaxy S20. This is this screen protector called NeoFlex (two come in the same package).

It is made of a flexible film that uses an anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint system, as well as complete coverage of your screen. Its installation is done by wet application and the absence of bubbles is ensured.

ESR screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S20

  • $ 13.99

Another recommended tempered glass screen protector is this one that comes to us from ESR. It is available for all Galaxy S20 models and also comes with two protectors in one package.

Although you will lose the possibility of using the fingerprint sensor, you will get maximum protection of the screen of your Galaxy S20. The protector can withstand a pressure of 5 kilos and is also anti-fingerprint.


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