Best Team Collaboration Software For Communication And File Sharing


For improved team productivity and increased business sales, team collaboration is very essential. Now it is very not easy to be get coordinate manual way. But this time is not need to worry about those manual coordination and project management and business building because of having so many softwares and apps are in the market. Team collaboration has many fields, for time tracking and management, communication, files management etc. When the business concerns are very clever in the area of these platforms, then can be able to get business developed and grow day by day. This may be very difficult while manual, but when with the help of softwares, not at all.

Here in this post, going to share the best team collaboration software for communication and file sharing since both these are very important while growing business. But time management too, but that already have the business managers have look on those territory.

Team Collaboration Software for Communication

Communication between employees, managers and colleges are very important in success of business.

Slack: Slack is one of the most effective software for team communication. Slack is very helpful real time communication platform especially for business. With its powerful features, the communication is very simple and effective.

Features like, ability to make video and voice calls with at most 15 members at a time is the very powerful feature. The drag and drop file share is one another feature that you can enjoy in slack. Sharing the video screen so that there can be avoid any communication issue between the low level employee and the team head, since the screen sharing possible.

Quick search option is available on the platform for searching messages, files and even conversation etc. This make very clear what they have done.

Both free and standard version of stack is available. If you have small scale business, then you can use free version which gives you 5GB storage space. You can use premium for large scale business.

Fleep: Fleep is one another software that is very helpful in team collaboration for business. In free version, they give 10 GB of storage and unlimited conversation. This software have some more fruitful features. Integration of google hangouts with the software so that video and audio communication become much more effective. Chat indicator features like writing indicator, seen indicator, last active time etc are the added features to fleep software.

Team Collaboration Software for File sharing

According to reports, An average of more than 28 million users share files through P2P networks every day.

File sharing via apps or software is the best effective in business leads and growth. There are tons of softwares and apps for file management and sharing.

The idea behind the best collaboration software for the business is that, the software should be able to transfer and share all kind of files, and access the files from anywhere and from any platform. The software for the PC and now when mobile communication is very important, then mobiles apps play a vital role in sharing the important business files on time from one person to another anytime, anywhere.

Box: No doubt, Box software is very helpful for file management and sharing for business. We know microsoft products like MS word, excel and other products are very useful, while using box, this is a cloud based platform which gives you the permission to access the files anywhere in the world, no need to carry the files with your hard storage device. We will manage all kind of files using box app, manage pdf files, microsoft office files, and sharing of these to any other box account etc are possible. Security, speed etc are the benefit while using this best collaboration software for file sharing and management.

Smartphone file sharing apps like Jioswitch, xender, shareit

There are so many mobile apps are available to transfer files between smartphones like jioswitch file sharing app,xender, shareit, portal, Mi drop etc. If one employee want to share single files to another employee, then the best way to share via social messaging apps like whatsapp, but have many more files having large file sizes, then these flash speed file sharing apps are very helpful for them.

The smartphone file sharing apps make use of wifi technology to share the between smartphones and can be share between smartphone and pc with the help of android emulators installed on personal computer. No need of data connection to share and transfer files using these file sharing app is the biggest advantage. No matter how big files to be transfer, they will transfer files in lightning speed. The transfer speed is at most as 200 times faster than the traditional bluetooth file sharing speed.


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