6 Best Ways to Generate Backlinks to Your Website


Many of us are well-aware of the fact that high-quality backlinks play a primary role in helping a website achieve top rank in search engine result pages. However, people are still unaware of the strategies they can use and implement for generating free website backlinks. Some of the black hat SEO tactics for generating backlinks are still being followed by many people, such as purchasing backlinks from low authority sites.

You should know that these types of strategies will not improve your search rankings. Instead, they will blacklist your site in the databases of Google and other search engines. There is no need to worry as we are here with this post to let you know about the 6 best link generating tactics.

Top 6 Actions for Generating Backlinks

Backlink Generator

The Backlink generator is an online tool that allows you to create the best free backlinks. As you will access a backlink generator tool, you have to paste your site’s domain in it. Within no time, this tool will provide a list of high PR profile creation sites. Backlink maker is the fastest method to create backlinks without putting in any effort or paying a penny.

Unique and High-Quality Content

This method requires effort and time. By uploading fresh and quality material on your site, you will be able to generate backlinks from authoritative websites. It’s because unique content is worth sharing, and the websites in your niche will be forced to create linkage.

Guest Posting

Publishing guest blogs on popular blogging sites is another way of generating backlinks. But here, you have to take care of several measures. First of all, the selection of the site where you are going to publish a guest post should be made carefully. It’s essential to check their authority, rankings, and relevancy to your niche. Plus, the quality of the content should be high as silly grammar mistakes or poorly constructed text will create a bad impact.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a popular way of generating backlinks these days. By promoting your site’s content on social networking sites will help you increase your followers. As a result, they will share your content with others, and backlinks will be generated to your site organically.


Collaborate with Social Influencers

Providing some free products or services to the influencers is a great tactic to generate backlinks. As a result, they will review your site in their blog or social account that will generate backlinks. Apart from backlinks, their followers will also be attracted to your website, and you will observe high traffic.

Fix Broken Links

There can be some backlinks that might not be working correctly. As a user will click on such a link, instead of directing to your site, he/she will face a 404-error. This error is quite disturbing for people, and your site’s worth decreases due to it. Generating backlinks by fixing broken links is another smart tactic. You can find broken links and ask the website operator to fix it.

Backlink Generator – The Best Way

Creating backlinks with other methods can become a troublesome task; therefore, using a backlink generator is the best practice for this task. Backlink maker is a web-based tool provided by various websites. Your job is to find the best one that creates backlinks from high authority websites.

You can find paid and free versions of this tool, but this doesn’t mean that the free ones will not generate the desired results. All you have to do is find the best free backlink generator that makes quality backlinks. One such tool is available at SearchEngineRepots that is providing hundreds of SEO tools for several years. Here, you will not have to worry about getting into tedious registration or signup procedures, as it is a completely free tool with an excellent user interface.

One thing you need to ensure before using a backlink generator is its trustworthiness. You may find several websites that are providing this service for free and claiming to generate quality links, but not all claims are valid. They might be playing a trick, and as you enter your domain, they can create spammy links to your site. It can hurt your site’s ranking drastically and kill your SEO efforts as spammy links are unacceptable.


These are the best ways of generating backlinks to your site. Backlinks are crucial for SEO; hence, you must know how to build them. Backlink generator is an easy way out for generating the best free backlinks, but this doesn’t mean that you can leave out other methods. If you want to take your website to the first position in search engine result pages, then you have to create a strategy that must involve all the best practices of generating backlinks mentioned above.


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