Build a Colorful, Fun Pool House That You’ll Love

Pool House

Even though a pool house might seem like an extravagance, it will definitely give a boost to your enjoyment by the pool during the long summer afternoons. Designing an attractive and fun version doesn’t have to be that difficult. Make sure you carefully make all the plans and decide well in advance what type of garden resort do you want.  A peaceful haven? Or perhaps a place for an outdoor fiesta? No matter whether you decide to consult a pro or you trust your own skills, your pool house should reflect your dreams and desires, and be decorated with the things you love. Let’s check out some other tips & tricks for building a fun pool house your whole family would enjoy.

Design both open air and indoor space

Build a wide open air area on a platform with an overhang, so that you can enjoy fresh air at all times while being protected from the sun. In case of bad weather, design a warm indoor space with a fireplace. The indoor space of the pool house could also be a perfect little office or a reading nook, when you need time just for yourself.

Find some clever color schemes

Take into account the size of the yard, as well as its style, when deciding on the color of your pool house. A classic color combo for a cottage pool house would be white and yellow. More modern shades are white and tan, mixed with aqua metal details, such as the roof or the patio. Yellow, aqua and lime is perhaps the most refreshing combination you can try out. Play with the colors you like and don’t be afraid to check out some new schemes.

Find some creative decor

Designing a fun pool house means playing with the decor and accessories a lot. Pool houses blend luxury and comfort and instantly evoke the feeling of coziness, tranquility and pleasure. If you want to have a romantic outdoor haven, go for big white curtains placed on each side of the patio and let the breeze do its magic. Design a curved path – made of white stepping stones – that leads to the house and add plants on each side of the path. Let the visitors be impressed with the look of the house once they reach the end of the path.

As far as the interior is concerned, you can either let a lot of light into the house, or keep the indoor space darker and cooler. Choose comfortable furniture of neutral color and then add colorful details around the room, like a rug with an interesting pattern and picture frames of various sizes.

Don’t forget to consult a pro

A pool house must be placed a certain number of feet away from the pool, depending on the depth of the water. Check your city’s building codes to make sure your house is designed according to the required guidelines. Also, consulting a pro might be necessary when it comes to both the design and the building plans.

Pool House

This is something people all around the world are doing, especially those in hot areas such as Australia. Pool houses are very popular there and provide all Ausies with countless hours of fun. Still, not just any pool house will do, which is why turning to experienced home builders in Sydney and letting them build you a proper pool house might be the right way to go. This way, homeowners can be sure their pool house will be professionally built and aesthetically pleasing, and that’s something they’re all looking for. 

Incorporate an outdoor kitchen space

Whether you love cooking or not, you’ll surely enjoy doing it in the open. Being surrounded by nature and listening to birds will make you more creative, and you’ll quickly become a better cook than you’ve ever been. This is why it’s important to incorporate an outdoor cooking space in your pool house design.

What’s great about designing an outdoor kitchen is that it doesn’t require too much work. You’ll need a powerful stove, a microwave, a practical oven, and a grill, and that’s practically it. Don’t forget some pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery – and you’re ready to start preparing  your favorite dishes and enjoying the openness of your new kitchen area!

Design a large entertainment area

Make sure you include waterproof surfaces so that there’s plenty of space for getting dry after swimming. Don’t forget to make your house even more pleasant by adding a good sound system and a Wi-Fi. You might also include a television set if you’re planning to have film nights or watch major sport events. These backyard trends will create the best atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

A pool house is a perfect place for any type of gathering or a party. You’ll need a comfortable seating area with coffee and cocktail tables. Get ready for fiesta nights well in advance and outfit the area with a bar.

Be creative, have fun and enjoy your new outdoor piece of heaven once it’s finished. Some dreams do come true, that’s for sure.


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