Can CBD Oil Improve Your Endurance in Sports and Exercise?


If you are a budding athlete, or you simply want to have the stamina to take part in a vigorous Cross Fit workout without feeling like you are going to die of fatigue a quarter of the way through, then we have some good news.

You may have heard of the differences between THC and CBD products as well as the fact that the latter can alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, and potentially improve your health and well-being. But have you ever wondered why CBD is absolutely everywhere these days, namely in the sports industry? More and more professional athletes are supplementing their already strict diets with CBD oil and during the course of this article, we will be revealing exactly why that is and how CBD can enhance your stamina and provide you with other health benefits during your workouts.

Whether you are just a casual jogger who dreams of spending hours running cross country, or you simply want to have the stamina to walk your overly excitable puppy, CBD could be a smart decision for you if you have found yourself struggling to reach your fitness and exercise goals.

Why Are Pro Athletes Turning to CBD Oil?

Unless you are a complete newbie to the wonderful world of CBD, you will likely already be aware that, even though CBD is derived from a cannabis plant, like THC and medical marijuana, its use will not make you high. Not even a little bit. And it is for this reason that the World Anti-Doping Agency revoked their ban on the use of CBD oil among athletes, which has resulted in the sports world going wild for CBD oil products. Not only is it now a standard supplement taken by many athletes to help them build muscle and increase their endurance, it is also positively contributing to their overall health by working as a natural anti-inflammatory, helps ease and pain and soreness from sports-related injuries or post-workout soreness, offers improved pain management, and encourages them to focus during a game which could actually help improve athletic performance.

So, though CBD products seemingly help with aches and pains, can it really help to improve your endurance and stamina during workouts?

Sure it can! And it will—providing you ensure that you use only high quality, full spectrum oil that is organically produced and cleanly extracted. It goes without saying that you should only ever buy CBD oil from a reputable source that is verifiably trustworthy.

Now that we have clarified that CBD oil works to help build stamina, let’s take a look at how it does that.

Increased Stamina Means You Will Be Firing on All Cylinders During a Workout

Being able to increase your stamina and endurance is something that every athlete strives to achieve, as ultimately you will be working harder, faster, and longer. Whether you are an avid exercise fanatic or you absolutely despise working out (you only do it because you feel you have to) you will be well aware of the “runners high” that many athletes talk about. Up until recently, endorphins have been given all the praise and credit for allowing people to have the stamina to complete longer, cardio-based workouts, but there is a new kid on the block in the form of CBD oil and recent research has revealed that your endocannabinoid system is what actually produces this post-workout feeling of euphoria.

How CBD Works to Boost Stamina and Increase Endurance

When CBD enters into your bloodstream, it triggers certain receptors in your endocannabinoid system that creates a sudden release of anandamide and this release is the euphoric “runners high” or sudden rush of energy that pushes you on to keep going until the finish line. The sensation is usually associated with a painless euphoria that allows you to start firing on all cylinders. So, when you take CBD, you are basically employing a supercharged automatic mode that leaves your muscles feeling strong and replenished, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Your breathing also becomes easier and your dopamine will be balanced and maintained at optimal levels allowing you to stay focused and balanced. It is in this particular moment that your body and mind seem to work harmoniously together and the impossible task of crossing the finish line becomes a totally doable reality!

CBD Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

If you are serious about building muscle and improving your stamina, then you need to consider just how important your blood sugar levels are. It is a popular belief that a balanced diet is the sole solution to ensure that your blood sugar levels are kept in check, but did you know that CBD could regulate them for you?

The Science Behind That Claim

Inflammation, especially chronic inflammation, is a proven cause of type 2 diabetes due to insulin resistance. And as CBD has super powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to make sure that your sugar metabolism, heart function, and new cell growth is not affected or unbalanced. If your blood sugar levels are correctly managed, there will be less insulin found present in your body meaning that you will be storing less fat. Hooray!

And now for the grand finale…

When less fat is stored in your body, you will automatically fall into an anti-catabolic mode, which basically means that not only will you be losing weight; you will also be building muscle definition.

Should You Try Working out with CBD?

That’s an all-round YES from us! While it is still lacking conclusive scientific evidence that dictates its precise ability to do all of the above, there is enough anecdotal evidence from actual professional athletes that hold CBD entirely responsible for their enhanced performance. And as it is an entirely natural supplement that only seems to offer positive overall health benefits, it would be silly not to try it and see the results for yourself!


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