Characteristics to Consider in Firewood Before Purchasing

Characteristics to Consider in Firewood Before Purchasing

Buying firewood is tricky because there is no uniformity in quality standards. Different batches of firewood stock in a store comprises different characteristics. For instance, redgum firewood logs you buy today will have different quality standards as compared to the logs you purchase after a month. Always do some research in the local market and online to figure out the most reliable supplier. Make sure that the firewood seller has a good track record of supplying only ethically sourced firewood. Scroll down for some useful suggestions regarding firewood selection. 

Top four considerable characteristics in good quality firewood 

Obtained from deciduous trees

Firewood obtained from deciduous trees is the best fuel to consider for your fireplace. Deciduous trees produce hardwood with high density. You can easily differentiate between softwood and hardwood of deciduous trees by comparing their weight. Molecules in softwood are loosely packed that allow big air pockets formation. Softwoods comprise a high amount of water as compared to hardwoods. After seasoning, softwood’s weight drastically reduces. 

Lowest possible smoke emission

The wood logs for sale near you should emit less smoke and produce a good amount of fire. For instance, pine wood catches fire quickly and burns with great efficiency but it also emits a huge amount of smoke. Therefore, you cannot consider it for indoor fireplace use. High smoke emission is also not suitable for cooking.

Cord measurement 

Cord is a measurement standard in firewood stores. Instead of weight, a cord is measured in dimensions. 4 feet by 8 feet is the standard measurement that comprises 3624.56 liters of volume. Dimensional measurement is recommended because weight can be increased with unseasoned firewood. The chances of getting superior quality firewood increases in a cord. 

Adequate seasoning 

Seasoning is a process of moisture reduction in the firewood. Every wooden log has different moisture levels that depend on the species. Before supplying to the end user, the moisture level should be not more than 20-22%. It is measurable with the help of a moisture meter. Even the best quality firewood log is useless if it is not properly seasoned. High water content results in more smoke emission and bad consistency during combustion. 

Some questions to ask before placing an order

  • Is it deliverable to your location and within how much time you can expect it to your doorsteps? 
  • Are you getting a kiln or sunlight seasoned firewood stock? Kiln is the fastest way of seasoning and ensures the lowest possible moisture level. Sunlight seasoning on the other hand, needs 2-3 months. 
  • Are they providing ethically sourced firewood? Search online for the restricted tres species in your region. Call the merchant supplying wood logs for sale near you and request them to provide the list of all tree species they are offering. Also, do some research on the characteristics of tree species available there for sale. Texture, color and weight can help in figuring out whether the seller is offering exactly what is shown in their list. 

Finding superior wood logs for sale becomes more difficult in the peak winter season. It is advisable to arrange adequate stock before extreme winters arrive. 


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