Choose Bamboo Products – Go Green!


The green campaign has greatly influenced many industries around the world. It also tries to find ways to replace the products that are harmful for the environment with their sustainable alternative. For this reason, many companies chose to produce and offer eco-products. One of them is BoonBoo, which provides plastic-free, biodegradable and sustainable products that are 100% made from bamboo. They offer a range of household items, such as cotton swabs, dental floss, beeswax food wraps, straws, etc. made from bamboo.

Comparison Between Bamboo and Wood Materials

Bamboo surpasses the features of the general wood, because of the following benefits:

  • It grows very fast
  • It does not requires pesticides or any special care
  • It does not require much water and it is adaptable to certain conditions of the environment.

Consequently, bamboo material is a great choice for multiple industries. Bamboo is antibacterial and antifungal, which makes it a preferred choice for medicine purposes, especially in this time of coronavirus crisis. Bamboo products are not only high quality, but also cost-effective and are very competitive to the items made from other materials.

Interesting Facts About the Bamboo Products

  • Bamboo plants offer the durability you need when you search for a quality product. They are three times stronger than a timber and are annually regenerated. In addition, this natural material is easy to shape in the desired form because of its tensility.
  • The so-called “bamboo kun” is a special antimicrobial bio-agent that lives naturally in bamboo fibers. It makes the bamboo products anti-bacterial without the need of using toxic chemicals to treat them.
  • Thanks to the strong roots that bamboo plants have, they effectively make the soil stable and protect it from erosion.
  • Thanks to the bamboo plants, many animals and insects are protected, as they prefer to inhabit the bamboo forests and to use these plants for food.

How to go Green?

If you would like to join the green movement, you can start with some simple steps, such as replacing you daily household items with bamboo products. Using them on a daily basis will definitely show you their great benefits and you will feel closer to the nature. For example, you can choose your next toothbrush and dental floss to be made from a biodegradable bamboo instead of plastic one.

Replace the Following 3 Items with Bamboo Products in your House

To make this even more practical, we are offering here to start with 3 household products of daily use you can consider changing for their bamboo alternatives:

  • Bamboo toilet paper – Compared to the classical one, bamboo toilet paper saves water. It is anti-bacterial, reduces carbon emissions and prevents deforestation. If you would like to try out this product, then choose Boonboo Toilet Paper.
  • Bamboo straws – Only Americans use about 500 million plastic drinking straws per day. And all this stuff cannot be recycled. More and more of them are found to float on the ocean’s surface doing harm to the marine life. Bamboo degradable and antibacterial straws could be the right solution to this problem. You will be able to use them for all your favorite beverages.

Bamboo bottles – More than 140 million plastic bottles ate used and disposed in America every single day. People, who would like to go green, are trying to find an eco-friendly alternative, seeking for safe reusable bottles made from a natural material. Bamboo water bottles are the best answer.  They will keep your beverage cool and are durable and strong. In addition, they look great, so why not start to use them on a daily basis instead of the common plastic bottles?


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