Clean Duplicate photos on android and PC by this awesome photo cleaner apps


A problem of these modern times is the huge space that goes to occupy the hundreds of photos we have taken, which easily fill the memory of PCs and Smartphone. The aggravating circumstance, then, is that often there are also more copies of the same images and after saving so many photographs, it becomes practically impossible to verify which photos are duplicates!

In this guide we will show you the best programs and apps to find the same images on your computer and on your Smartphone, so you can remove duplicates and recover valuable space to save other files or other photographs. 

Programs to delete duplicate photos on Android Phone, PC

If our problem concerns the computers hard drive, let’s see together the best programs we can use to delete duplicate photos.


The best program that finds duplicates of images on your computer is VisiPics, very powerful software that can browse files that contain images, looking for those that are similar to each other.

It supports different image formats like BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIFF and even RAW files. After the scan, users can manually delete duplicate files or create an automatic rule that, for example, can delete the smallest image or files with the most recent creation date. The interesting thing is that the control is not based on the name of the file, but just goes to see what kind of image it is and how similar it is to that contained by another file. In the preferences you can configure whether to make comparisons more light or to report even the smallest similarity. Among these programs, it is what makes the scan faster.


DupliFinder scans and checks the similarities between two photos or images comparing the similarities of the fingerprint (MD5).

The interface is very functional and you can select different folders and sub folders that contain the files to be analyzed. When it finds two similar images, the preview of both is shown to give the possibility to choose which one to delete. The scanning speed is a bit slow especially on large folders.

Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate Photo Finder allows you to find and manage duplicate images stored on your PC.

The application interface is minimalist but the control is based only on file size or hash. The program compares the files of a very specific folder, even if it is not able to scan also any sub-folders (better to act one folder at a time). A significant advantage over other programs is that, for every suspected duplicate, a preview of the two photos is shown.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is another great free program that can scan a folder to search for duplicate photos.

The scanning is quite slow and in the end a lot of results will be found to choose from. The system allows you to check the similarities of the images and the hash, so as to immediately report which photographs and duplicate images can be.


SimilarImages is a free program that is used to find identical photos in order to eliminate duplicates on the PC.

Searches can also be made based on a date so you can save the most recent ones and delete older ones.

Do we have a smartphone full of duplicate photos? Let’s see together the best apps to delete duplicates from phone memory and microSD (on phones that support memory cards). Before continuing, it is always better to check the results offered by these apps: for some photos it may be useful to have copies, so as to be able to make photo editing without fear of losing the original photo.

Duplicate Photos Fixer (Android and iOS)

One of the best apps to remove double photos is Duplicate Photos Fixer, available for free for Android and iOS as a photo cleaner app.

With this app we will be able to find duplicate photos through an innovative recognition system, based on the hash and the similarities present in the individual photos. For Android the app is provided for free, while it is paid for iOS devices.

SD Maid (Android)

Another very effective Android app for removing duplicate photos is SD Maid.

Among the numerous cleaning items that can be activated we find Duplicates, which detects inside the phone both photos and other types of duplicate files (usually marked with a progressive number to distinguish them) and clears them quickly.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover (Android and iOS)

Another free app that can delete duplicate photos is Remo Duplicate Photos Remover, available for Android and iOS as of the best photo cleaner apps.

To use it, simply open the app, tap on Scan and wait for all the photos in the internal memory and any microSD to be scanned: at the end we can delete all the duplicates with a simple tap on the screen.


If the problem of space on our PC or on our Smartphone is linked to duplicate photographs, in this guide we have seen together the best programs and apps to solve the problem brilliantly.

Does our Android Smartphone still have space problems, even after deleting duplicate photos? In this case we recommend reading our guide on How to empty the Android cache and recover memory. If the problem of space concerns an iPhone or an iPad, we can continue reading the article dedicated to the iPhone Space Management: empty memory and full archive.


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