How to Plan A Desert Trip in Morocco?


If you have ever sailed on a ship or a cruise, you will understand what a profound feeling of peace you get when you are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but water and no worries in the world that can reach you. This helps you relax and appreciate the true beauty of nature and what God has given us. If you have still not experienced that feeling, you definitely should because there is no beating the peace of knowing that the world goes on and on.

Desert Trips:

But that feeling of the world’s infinity is not exclusive to being on a ship in the middle of the sea. There are other landscapes that give you the feeling of peace that your everyday schedule leaves you craving. Morocco desert tours are another type of trip that can grant you that feeling too. Although the concept is exactly in contrast to what a sea cruise would be like, but it is just as much (or perhaps even more) fulfilling.

The Morocco Desert Excursion:

Imagine how amazing it would be to take a desert excursion while you are in Morocco – one of the most famous tourist attractions around the world. Morocco is a part of North Africa and a part of the Sahara Desert is in Morocco and open for tourists. The desert is also a great tourist spot among many other in Morocco and is often used for trips.

The Trouble:

However, a desert excursion morocco is not as easy as it sounds. Desert excursions can turn out to be extremely dangerous with the smallest of miscalculations. The trouble, you see, is the fact that there is barely any navigation in a desert. You cannot tell, just by looking at sand dunes where you are or where you were and where you have to go next. This is not just because there are no plants or routes to keep track, but also because the landscape keeps changing with the wind.

Moreover, the extreme climate in a desert is one of the most troublesome factor when you consider desert excursions. The dehydration, the heat and the skin burns may prove fatal without proper precautions.

How to Plan Your Desert Trip?

This is why people often go to excursions with entire flocks of excursion groups, which ruins your own intimate persona experience on the trip. But, if you want to plan your own desert excursion morocco, here is how you do it:

Decide on the Erg:

The first step is to decide what Erg you want to visit. The Saharan Ergs refer to the changing sand-dunes of the region. There are two main ergs of the Saharan desert: Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga. Where the Erg Chebbi is less harsh, it is suitable for planning your own excursion around. On the other hand, Erg Chigaga is not as friendly and is most suitable to be explored with already organized excursion groups.

The Erg Chebbi is 22 km long and 10 km wide. You can find camels and rent them to explore the dune and the sand is very soft. This means much more mobility and much less travel trouble.

The Trip Starting:

The trip to the Sahara Desert begins from Marrakech. Marrakech is a 9 hour drive from the Erg Chebbi but it is not boring. You get to see wonders of natural beauty and landscape. However, the trip from Marrakech is tiring. So, when you do start your trip you will have to rest after the getting to the desert from Marrakech.

So, you can only begin your trip in the evening of the next day because the noon and mornings are extremely hot. You should book a hotel to stay in that time. camel treks are the most common way of moving in the desert and you can get these camels right at your hotel.

What to Look For:

What you really need to look for when you go out to the desert are the sun downs. Once you find a comfortable spot, you should let your camel rest and go and sit down on the dunes. You must keep in mind that the sand on the dunes will be fairly hot when the sun is up so you should wait till the evening. Also, the sand of the Sahara is much softer than sand you find on a seashore which means you will have no trouble sitting on it.

Once comfortably set on the dune, you can just sit there and observe the wide expanse. As the sun begins to go down and the stars come out you will realize that you get to see much more stars here than in your urban city with pollution taking up the sky.

You can then take your camel ride back to the hotel, guided by your tour guide of course, and be ready to depart back to Merzouga from where you can leave the next day.


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