Desiree Popper: The Transition towards an Ideal Career

Desiree Popper: The Transition towards an Ideal Career

The various fields within the professional sector have continued to expand into further career branches for many individuals to choose from- with the entertainment industry growing faster out of them all.

Working in media has shown to be a lucrative career for most people. According to statista, the number of global users on YouTube in 2017 has grown to about 9.2 percent more than what it initially was the year before. And it is has been predicted that these numbers will continue to grow even more so in the next couple of years.

Consequently, many people have been changing their careers and investing their efforts in a particular field within the entertainment industry where they are more likely to excel in their career and earn a decent amount of income in the process. However, it isn’t changing careers and hopping onto a new one. Working in the entertainment industry is quite difficult, and many people end up quitting midway while pursuing their dreams. That is why many individuals are still hesitant about changing careers and taking a leap into unknown yet captivating job opportunities.

Although, despite those facts, many individuals have successfully transitioned from one career to another and have managed to achieve success in both employment areas. A prime example of such a person is none other than Desiree Popper- a highly acclaimed Brazilian-Italian actress and producer whilst also owning the status of a renowned model.

Upon entering the entertainment industry, Popper started out her career as a model- where she found much success as she worked with major influential brands such as Puma, L’Oreal, Nikon, Fendi, La Perla, Miss Bikini, and so many more. For most people, having a single prospering career might be more than enough- but not for Popper.

After a couple of years of working as a model, she decided to set her sights on another one of her passions she was excited to pursue- acting.  To hone her acting skills, she started to attend an acting school in the Academy of the Teatro Golden in Rome and finished her training in 2013.

Soon after that, she made her first debut as a theatre actress in “La vita non si mai sa” while being supervised by Augusto Fornorni. And after witnessing her skills, he selected her for the role of “L’arte della truffa”, one of his many famous works, in the same year.

She continued to progress even further than that and by getting another role in “Uomini separate, manuale di sopravvivenza” and finally in 2018, she made her debut as a big-screen actress in “Restiamo Amici” which was directed by Antonello Grimaldi. Afterward, she continued to take acting roles in both theatre and the big screen and has even won the award of Younger’s in Movies at the 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival for the film “Waiting for Woody” which was directed and produced by Claudio Napoli.

And that’s not all. At the moment, she is also pursuing another career choice as an entrepreneur by starting her own line of swimwear. Popper believes that it is important to think about changing careers properly. The only one who can progress after transitioning from one employment to another are those who have the passion and patience to implement a new set of skills into their other career and make a decent living out of it while also enjoying the opportunity to work in multiple careers anytime.


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