Dr. Vonda Wright- A Prospering Female in a Male-Dominated Workplace

Female in a Male-Dominated Workplace

 Despite better approaches in the pursuit of providing both men and women with equal opportunities in the workplace, there are still many obstacles in the way that refuse to diminish the gender inequality mindset.

According to the Association for Women in Science, about 52 percent of the adults in the United States believe that gender equality is crucial for a better working environment. However, in reality, women are significantly underrepresented, especially in professional sectors that are dominated by males, such as technology, math, science, etc.

For many years, women have been forced to succumb to stereotypical expectations, which discourages them from pursuing work that is typically thought to be reserved for men. Consequently, you can hardly see women in male-dominated fields- and those who are already present in said fields are often faced with gender discrimination and sexual harassment, which makes an already tough job not seem worth working for.

It is a vicious cycle that continues to plague women of all age groups. However, this cycle can be broken. There are ways to encourage women to overcome their work struggles and excel at their jobs. For example, research by Harvard Business Review showed that powerful females are excellent role models that inspire other women to believe they too could thrive in leadership roles.

One such powerful role model is Dr. Vonda Wright– an American Double Board-certified orthopedic surgeon and a globally recognized authority regarding mobility and active aging. In a field where only 6% of women are orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Wright serves as a leading figure when she was inducted into the orthopedic surgery’s leadership honor society, the AOA, in which she actively participates as a member of the leadership and fellowship committee.

Her successful ventures in the medical field were not easy- like every other woman, Dr. Vonda also had to struggle to reach her goals. But after many years spent in the medical field, she has accumulated a number of successes.

After getting her medical degree from the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago, she spent a year dedicating her focus on performing award-winning stem cell research in the UPMC Stem Cell Research Center.

Dr. Vonda’s research had led to many grant awards, publications, and several national and international presentations. Moreover, she has also published several original research studies that evaluate the role of chronic exercises on bone density, athletic performance, and muscle mass, to name a few. These studies have received grants from the DOD, AOSSM, AAOS, UPM Department of Orthopedic Surgery, and Pittsburgh Foundation.

Some of her other works include her four books, “Younger in 8 Weeks”, “Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at 40, 50, 60, and Beyond”, “Masterful Care of the Aging Athlete,” and “Brains & Bliss.” Her work as an author has also helped people of all ages take the reins of their aging process and improve their lifestyle to allow their bodies to continue thriving, especially when they are past their prime.

And this is only the beginning – Dr. Vonda has big plans for the future that will lead to more successes and also serve as an inspiration to young aspiring females who have the potential to achieve unimaginable success.


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