5 Easiest Steps for Mobile App Development

Easiest Steps for Mobile App Development

Over the years, the growth of the mobile app development industry has skyrocketed. Millions of mobile apps have made their way into people’s lives and people, in general, are used to mobile apps in their everyday lives.

From earning money to entertainment and gaming, there are no aspects of your life, which are untapped in this massive industry.

According to a survey, an average person in the USA has a screen time of over 5 hours a day. With increasing time spent on using mobile apps, this industry is certainly one of the most highly profitable industries in the world. As expected, with the usage of mobile apps increasing, the number of people interested in starting their own mobile app development projects has also increased considerably.

However, simply being interested or wanting to create an amazing app is, unfortunately, no prerequisite for developing a successful mobile app. There are many aspects of mobile app development, which you need to be careful about if you wish to create an app, which has a high chance of being successful in the world.

Now, if you are a beginner and if you are having trouble in determining how and where to start your app development process, then this blog will give you a step-by-step guide, which can help you in developing a mobile app with a high chance of success in the market.

Step # 1 – Generate an idea

The first step in this process, starts with the “WHY”. In this step, you will have to ask yourself about the reason you want to build a mobile app. Is this simply because you have observed a considerable number of people moving in this particular direction and you, being a mindless sheep, want to follow them or is it because you have found a legitimate problem in the world and you think that you can solve it through your mobile app?

If you are simply, in this because you are following the latest trends then you should not pursue this. It is better to stop in the beginning because chances are that your app idea will not be successful. However, if you are genuinely in this because you feel that your idea can help make life easier for your users in one way or the other, then you should certainly go for it.

Step # 2 – Know & Understand Your Users & their Needs

iPhone or android app development is not about creating a piece of tech just for the sake of it. It is in fact, about developing a technology, which can help to create value for your users. For this purpose, you first need to identify and understand your users and their needs. See, unless you do not know your users and unless you do not understand what they need, you will never be able to develop an app, which can help in solving their problems.

See, what you need to understand is, that your users will only be interested in using your mobile app if your app is serving some purpose for them.

Whether it is something, which helps them entertain or helps them in earning money, whatever it does, it should do properly and offer a solution to the user’s problems in an efficient and effective manner.

Step # 3 – Draw it Out

Now, it is highly possible that by this stage, you already have a certain idea about how your mobile app will look like. This is the step, where you will have to sketch or draw, whatever that you see in your mind. Give your mobile app a shape. Turn your intangible thoughts into something tangible such as a design on paper. You need to be able to see what and how your idea actually, looks like on paper.

This is something, that will offer you insight about the possible flaws in your original design and you can then start working on how to make it look better than before.

Step # 4 – Coding Time

This is the phase, where you will have to start coding your mobile app. Furthermore, you also need to include everything, from in-app animations to all the core features, in your mobile app. Now, it is highly suggested that you start coding in a language, which you have a strong grip.

However, another very useful suggestion is that you use a coding language, which you can use to code the app for both operating systems iOS and android. If your mobile app is compatible with both, android and apple smartphones then you will have a better chance of targeting a much higher user base.

Step # 5 – Check, Test & Fix

Once you are done with the coding phase, you now need to check your mobile app for any faults or errors.

The best way to do this is by user testing, where a group of random users will use your mobile app and provide you with extremely useful feedback, which you can use to make your app better. After that, it is just a matter of launching your mobile app.    


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