Ernakulum City Offers Many Different Scenarios: Must visit Kerala This Summer


Ernakulum is one of the beautiful cities of Kerala, which situated in India at its central part of this particular state. Ernakulam district is one of the largest district which consist of Kerala’s 12% population. The headquarters of this city is situated in Kakkanad in Kochi. This district is very famous with many ancient churches, temples and even mosques. This district is one of the largest metropolitan region of Greater Cochin. Ernakulam district is one of the populous district in Kerala, after Thiruvananthapuram and Malappuram. Ernakulam district mainly hosts a huge number of international and the domestic tourists in the state of Kerala. You can plan your trip by booking amazing resorts and budget hotels with available best Oyo Coupon Codes Online.

The language which is spoken in Ernakulam is Malayalam which is the mother tongue of Kerala. However, English is widely used for the business purposes. Ernakulam has become one of the India’s one of the first district to have the banking rate which means to follow the financial inclusion of the year 2012.

The Famous Sahodaran Ayyappan Museum Offers A Truly Authentic Scenic Beauty

This place is one of the famous museum which offers a traditional ambience to show the complex which is intact with a thatched roof which is made out of the coconut leaves offers all the audience to experience the aroma of authenticity. Sahodaran Ayyappan museum mainly features with an artificial building to show about the journalists and the politicians who have been working against the caste system of Kerala and its society.  However, inside this museum we get to see the life and the works of Sahodaran Ayyappan. This is also consisted with Chinese finishing net and the Kothikkallu; this is the border chain of Kochi.

The Pride Of Kochi Is The Santa Cruz Basilica

This is one pf the glory of Ernakulam, as this is consisted of the finest living instances among all the Cathedral Churches in India is the Santa Cruz Basilica. Undoubtedly it is one of the beautiful attraction one might not afford to miss. This further makes ones experience better by attending the authentic mass prayers and the chapel services. We also get to see the antique wooden benches with the gothic interior and all the historical paintings. All these painting are mainly hugged on the walls which also displays the historical significance of the church. However, Santa Cruz Basilica can be recognized as one of the heritage site and a holy place to worship at for all the diocese in Kochi.

The Amazing Sight Of The Kochi Fort Beach

Beaches are one of the best place to turn the head for the sight-seeing. The enjoyment one can make in the beaches is to focus on soaking the feet, and taking up long walks on the sand. This is by breathing in the fresh smell. This is one of the ideal place which is mainly nestled with swaying coconut trees and soft sand beach. Here, one can easily relax and balm oneself with the ambience to get a sun tan body. This beach is one of the best place for all the beach lovers facing towards the Arabian Sea with fast food stall.

The Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

This is one of the haven for all the nature lovers. Here, all can witness the mélange of all the bird species. This place is recognized to be one of the sole places for the attraction for all the bird lovers. To all the aficionado as well as the bird lovers, Mangalavanam Bird Santuary can be seen as onve of the best bird watching place in the district of Kochi. The main species of birds which are mainly found is the redshank, brahminy kite, white breasted water hen and the marsh sandpiper. While planning to visit Ernakulum you can plan to book self drive car options with ZoomCar Offers available for Kerala.

The Marine Drive

Ernakulam is the city which is popular in hangout place. Marine Drive often shows the mélange of the locals and the tourists are to enjoy different sights and their activities. This is mainly accompanied by calming backwater and also consisted with the bustling walkway with the shopping malls and restaurants which always remains crowded. This Marine Drive is also famous for the boat rides, as these takes to various tourist spots such as the Bolgatty Palace, Vallarpadam Terminal as well as the Mattancherry Jewish Synagogue.

Hence this can be said that being one of the district of Kerala, Ernakulam have been developing itself as one of the best tourist attractive place for visit. Through this district one can easily experience the refreshing city life.


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