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Pest Control

Pests will invade if you don’t keep a hygienic environment on your property or have cracks on it. Pests only need the path or reason for infesting a residential or commercial space. Usually, two main reasons for pests to infest a home is to find shelter and easy access to food. If you don’t seal cracks on your property and don’t clean it timely, you have to welcome pests. The best solution to get rid of the pests from a property is hiring exterminators in Vancouver. Typically, it is no surprise to see cockroaches, ants, mice, bedbugs, and a few more pests in Vancouver. However, you may avoid pests if you follow the precautions to ensure your property remains pest-free. 

What Can Pests Do If They Infest Your Property?

Pests can do more harm than just stealing food from your property and making their nests. They can cause property damages in different ways to your clothes, wooden structures, wires, etc. Plus, pests can spread contagious diseases to your children and pets to create more problems for you. Some diseases that pests spread are deadly and can lead to death. You will not want your loved ones to become a victim to any of those diseases. Besides, you will want your property to have a better resale value when you decide on selling it. Pests are irritating creatures and invade properties in Vancouver to create problems for people. Therefore, you should keep your property free of pests to live a healthy life and ensure the safety of your house.

Solutions for Pest Control Besides Hiring the Exterminators:-

Undoubtedly, the best deal for business owners and homeowners for pest control is hiring exterminators. However, you may consider the following solutions for pest control if you don’t want to hire the experts:

Deployment of the Poisoned Bait: 

You may get rid of the pests from your property for good via a poisoned bait. Poisoned bait can kill the pests on your property instantly; however, it is perilous. You may hurt your children, pets, or even yourself if you deploy this method. You shouldn’t choose this method because of the risks involved in it. Even exterminators in Vancouver opt for poison for pest control rarely because of its risks. 

Mechanical Pest Control: 

Mechanical means you should deploy equipment or tools for pest removal. You make a protective barrier and get rid of the pests while deploying tools or equipment for mechanical pest control. You can exterminate dangerous pest species via this pest control method which may grow because of garbage or water puddles. You must clean out the mess once you get rid of the pests via this method. Yet, leaving the job of pest control to exterminators is your best deal in Vancouver.

Ant Removal Solutions: 

Ants may not seem dangerous as many other pests, but ants are the reason for many food-borne diseases. You will not want your home to become a residing place for ants to create problems for you. Additionally, controlling a large ant infestation is very difficult. You may capitalize on boiling water and pour it in on a hole leading to an ant colony to annihilate ants. Deploy boric acid to kill ants on their exposure to it. Ensure you wear gloves and keep your children and pets away while deploying boric acid for ant removal.

Mice Removal Solution: 

The mice may seem cute, but the presence of the mice on a property is never a good sign. You may capitalize on the following tips for mice removal:

  • Block the possible entry points for the mice on your property, such as cracks and crevices.
  • Deploy mouse traps in areas, such as walls and holes. You may also utilize electric, sticky, or snap traps for mice removal.
  • Deploy a mouse bait and keep your property sterile.
  • Clear the dirt and waste from your garage to keep the mice away.


Pests are not welcoming creatures and only create problems when they infest a residential or commercial space. Plus, you will not like property damage or want to protect the health of your family or pets. Hiring exterminators in Vancouver is your best solution for pest removal from a property. Nonetheless, you may consider the following solutions if you prefer not to hire the experts:

  1. Deployment of poisoned bait.
  2. Mechanical pest control.
  3. Ant removal solutions, such as boric acid or boiling water.
  4. Mice removal solutions, such as mouse baits, etc.

Finally, ensure to hire professional exterminators for pest control because you are not a pest control expert.

You can feel free to contact Pesticon Canada to get rid of the pests from your property in Vancouver, a pest control company that is an expert at pest control, including rodents, bed bugs, roaches, ants, mosquitoes, termites, and more alongside animal control in Vancouver.


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