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In this 21st century, technology ruling all over the world. Nowadays, its necessity for people and moreover, it is giving an opportunity to the youth and employment as well. Likewise, technology includes many of collections in which IT companies are one of them. What exactly IT stands for? Well! Information Technology is related to computers in which there is interchanging of electronic information or data. Further, it includes networking and security. Besides this, it is divided into two sections, name as software and hardware in which software is a set of instruction which having functions of an operating system and its perform functions through hardware whereas hardware is physical equipment which we can see and it is called as a machinery part. For another thing, the IT sector is totally widespread around the globe because it is proffering recruitment to the skillful and knowledgeable person as an analyst, developer, administrator, architect etc. Talking of IT companies enhancing their growth; the foremost thing is employee’s accession because it is concerned with the amplification of the company. Nonetheless, small growing companies giving a hard competition to the already settled companies as this cling to promise to emerge as a tomorrow’s mammoth. Their previous task has no assurance of brilliance in the future. Though, we can state from antiquity trends that drift that these several kinds of companies have the courage to touch the crown.

Actually, I was searching for the good fastest growing companies in the province – Haryana specifically in Panchkula. While searching with special keywords I found many great improving companies which are up surging in a very short span of time.

Thus, out of studying all, Webisolution – a Web development company, I concluded is the fastest growing company in Panchkula (Tricity) which made it possible to stand out of the crowd in just six months periods of time. They provide different courses in the field of IT sectors.

Web Development

Web development is basically the work of developing a website for any internet or intranet. Web development can be range from developing a simple single static web page to a complex web page. Web development includes web design, web content development, client/ server, and network configuration. They have built many websites till now, these websites are yet simple but capable of generating the output for their clients and make them stand out from the crowd. As we all know in this digital world for any type of company and business web presence is very important. They create a website which will market your business to the worldwide to your targeted audience.

Web Design

Web design basically incorporates various skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design. They have a team of experts with expertise in their fields for handling all these different aspects of the web design. They develop and design the best websites for their clients. As it is considered the main factor of any company to showcase themselves in front of their customers.

Digital Marketing

As Digital marketing platforms are increasingly adaptable by the people in the market and in everyday’s life, and people prefer to use digital devices instead of physical shops. Digital marketing is in short reaching customers through social channels and social media. It facilitates business to communicate with their customers.

Any type of marketing that includes the promotion of products and services is called Digital marketing. There are various methods to market the products on social media.

They design custom solutions for their client’s according to their digital marketing needs, which includes


Through which they help in making the visibility of your website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results through “natural”, “organic”, or earned results.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Internet marketing that involves the promotion of your websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages which incorporates the organic/natural traffic to your websites.

Content Marketing

it is completely based on the content used on the website to attract customers. Basically content is the king in Digital Marketing.

 Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Is the use of various social media platforms or websites to promote any product or services. No matter for short-term work or long-term partnership they work best for you. We provide the level of service & support, which our clients expect from us. We assure best quality services, in every channel of digital marketing.

APP Development

We have moved fully into the age of smart phones. One area that is continuing to grow, especially for business purposes, is apps. Mobile APP is the process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices. The establishment of mobile app development is considered as the single most important factor for any business in their marketing campaign. in this process, you have all the access to the customers. They create the best-suited app for your business promotions which will match your business requirements.


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