Five Steps of Getting Your Business in Google Maps


With the current technological advancement, it’s very critical for your business to show up on Google Maps. Google Maps significantly contributes to attracting new customers. Getting your business listed in such a way that it appears in Google search results is an excellent move towards making it big in your endeavors. You need to know how to get your business in Google Maps.   Here are five simple steps of getting your business in Google Maps:

1. Claim Your Business to Google Maps

Getting your business listed isn’t the first step to getting on Google Maps. Mostly, Business readily has a spot on the map but barely take time to own and claim for their listing on Google.  To claim for your business listing on Google, check on Google My Business and click manage now, the top green tab. Follow the instructions carefully to sign up with Google My Business. Once you have your profile ready, you will be able to search for the location of your business after which you will just be required to name and claim it.  However, new businesses and new locations may first require you to add them to the index. You should never expect any listing if you are doing it for the first time.

2. Add Your Business to Google

At this point, you will be able to add the location if you haven’t.Click Add your business and strictly follow all the instructions. You will be required to enter your country, street address, city, and your business category. Beware that a business is open for registration in the city of its physical address. Go through your entries and affirm that the business name, address, and contact are correct.  Always ensure that you stay on of your listing and update in case your business relocates or changes contacts. There is nothing that erodes your customers’ trust and loyalty faster than being unable to contact or spot your business. 

3. Add the category of Your Business 

You will be required to select a category for your business approximately at the bottom of the form to create a new listing. The category helps Internet users and Google to identify the type of business that you operate. This is critical as it enables Google to display your listing when users search for specific terms.  As a result, Google provides preset categories for each industry from which you can easily choose. You should select the best in case you are not satisfied with the options. You can add up to five keywords or categories later in the process. 

4. Verify Your Business at this juncture,

 Google will send you a postcard with verification PIN to the location you previously provided in 1-2 weeks times. They also offer you an option to receive your verification PIN via text. However, this isn’t always applicable. On receiving your postcard, you should immediately verify the location of your business by strictly sticking to the instructions on the card.  Congratulations, you have successfully got your business on Google Maps. Just one more step to go.

 5.  Get Google Reviews

Having your business shown in local Search Engines doesn’t guarantee any success. You must invest more in optimizing your Google My Business listings and get search for quality reviews from your customers to improve your rank in Google map.  Online reviews significantly contributes to improving your ranking on organic Search Engine results.


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