Why my Gmail for business is not working?


Gmail also supports a business account that is Google Workspace. Gmail is famous for its simple and intuitive interface that allows you to customize settings. There might be an issue when your business account stops working. In such a case, it is advisable to follow a few steps that are available in this post.

The resolution for Gmail for business not working issue is mentioned below so, move ahead with the methods. If you aren’t able to receive emails then, there are possible resolutions that you can try.

Resolution for Gmail Business Stops Working

Method 1- Check Google Server

Well, it is rare, Google servers sometimes go down for unplanned or maintenance issues. You can check Google Workspace Status and see if the Gmail is down or was recently down. If the Google server were down recently then, your email was not dealt with properly and it is recommendable to ask the sender to resend the email back to you.

Method 2- Send a Test Email

It is highly recommended to send a test email to yourself an email. Try to send yourself two emails at least, one with the Gmail account and another from another email service if you have one. If you can receive emails from yourself then, there are possibilities that your emails won’t get in the isolated case.

Method 3- Check the Trash Folder

Similarly, you should check the Trash and perhaps misclicked or delete an email mistakenly which you were expecting. This is specifically common for the antivirus software to remove messages that it thinks are viruses.

Gmail Business Stop Working Outdated

Method 4- Open Gmail on Computer

For those who are on tablets and phones, try Gmail on the PC. Unlike the phone where your app might be outdated, the PC’s browser should update the version all the time. This makes it more trustworthy specifically for the problems like this where a network or connectivity issue might be behind this issue.

Method 5- Check Gmail Filter Settings

Filtering the emails is a necessity, specifically if you start receiving random spam emails from advertisers and bots. Unfortunately, it is possible that the email which you are expecting to receive has been filtered as well. Gmail mobile settings are limited so, it is better to use the PC for this. There is no need to have a PC, open Gmail on the browser app of the phone. Make sure to mark the “Show desktop version” option on the browser app.

On PC:

  • Open the Gmail account and click on the Settings icon from the screen and go to the Settings
  • Look for and click on the “See all Settings” and go to the “Filters and blocked addresses”
  • Look for the email addresses which you have blocked or created filters for. Unblock or un-filter the email ID you want to receive emails from

If you unblocked or unfiltered any email address, it is recommendable to ask to resent the email to you. The Gmail account should receive the email without any issue.

Method 6- Disable Antivirus Program

This step is ideal for those who use IMAP in the desktop client on Windows. Some antivirus program has an email filtering feature. It filters the emails which have a potential virus from the antivirus end. You will want to try and disable this feature from the antivirus software and either refresh Gmail or ask the sender to resend the email.

  • Press CTRL + Shift + ESC to open the Task Manager
  • Go to the “Startups” and look for the antivirus software
  • After that, choose “Disable” by right-clicking on the antivirus to disable it from running on Startup
Method 7- Disable Gmail Email Forwarding

Email forwarding is the ideal option when it is to switch to a different email address. This makes it so that emails that send to the email are the new email that is forwarded. If it was turned on by mistake then, you won’t be able to receive new emails.

  • Go to the Gmail office website and click on the Settings icon to go to the Settings
  • Click on the “See all Settings” and find the “Forwarding and IMAP/POP” tab
  • Disable the forwarding option from there and save the changes before refreshing the Gmail
  • If the forwarding option was enable then, ask the sender to resend the email to you to fix the issue
Gmail for business is working

Now, you can check that your Gmail business account will start receiving emails. The same resolution goes for not sending issues but there are a bit of change in that. You can Contact Gmail Customer Care UK for help regarding the not sending email issue with your business account.


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