Going Through Redundancy: How to Deal With This Rough Patch of Life?


Being a jobless person is not at all easy, as you enter the stage where the amount of money going out of your pocket will be still at the same or higher pace while the amount of money going into your pocket gets almost none. Well, dealing this rough patch of life is really difficult and it makes a person financially and emotionally disturbed. To recover yourself financially, you can go for 12 month loans. But the main problem begins when the redundancy has hit you mentally. Depression is the most common word that would come into the mind when we think about redundancy.

There is a reason why humans are called social animals. Right from our childhood, we start socializing with people at school, playgrounds, etc. But, when we grow up as an adult, the only place where we indulge ourselves with a good number of people is our workplace. Normally, a person spends his/her majority of the waking hours in his office and losing the job that you love is something really upsetting.

Redundancy doesn’t only mean losing your source of income, it also means losing your teammates, colleagues, and you won’t be sitting again in that favorite chair of yours to use the system. Suddenly, after losing a job, a stream of feelings gushes into one’s mind such as disappointment, betrayal, grief and shock. Well, it is true that recovering from such a traumatizing phase is not easy. To help you bounce back to this rough patch life of yours, we have mentioned some useful tips and suggestions that can help you get on the right track again and boost your morale. So, let us see them.

How to deal with redundancy

  1. Get in touch with your close ones

If you have lost your job, then it is necessary that you discuss it with your partner as soon as you get the right time. Happiness increases and sorrow reduces when you share them with your closed ones. Thus, try to interact with them as who knows they might suggest something that could help you to get rid of this unemployed problem of yours. Even you should take the opportunity to tell your children about this as it is important for them to understand the financial situation of the family. Tell them that you will be facing a difficult time but that is temporary and will be solved really soon so there is no need for them to worry much.

  • Manage your Finance

The biggest problem that comes right after redundancy is the difficulty in managing your finance. However, there are some ways that can prove to be a great relief. The first thing that you need to do is check whether you are eligible for getting a redundancy pay from your employer or not. Well, the amount of money that you will be paid depends on the total time of your employment in the company. Next, you also need to prepare a budget and strictly stick to it as you will not be getting a monthly income for quite a while. Thus, it is important that you control your urge of spending until you find a new job. Also, if you think that finding a job is going to take a while, then you can go for loans for unemployed from direct lenders.

  • Get a new job

If you have still not left your office, then you can ask your manager for a written preference so that you won’t much difficulty while finding a new job. After receiving the preference letter, you can apply it on your CV as well. You should have all the skills that you have acquired on your past working experience. You can also ask any of your friends and known ones to let you know if they have any idea about recent job opportunities. There is no need to be panic-stricken for a long time, you need to increase your morale and prepare yourself for the interviews.

  • Check your mental health

Sudden loss of a job can take a heavy toll emotionally and mentally both. But you need to calm yourself as taking stress for continuous period can cause several health issues too. It is true that you are under the pressure of providing support to your family but you need to be mentally fit too. This issue is more common in men who have recently lost their job. The reason behind this is that most males define themselves by their profession and losing the job takes a hit in them. Wrapping up, it is true that handling oneself is not easy when you are unemployed but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. All these tips mentioned above can help you in getting on the right track and giving you the much-needed peace of mind.


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