Hand Amputation |What are the Accidents That Cause Hand Amputation


We use hands for various purposes. In every field of life, hands have significant importance. If you want to dress up or want to drive a vehicle or want to eat something, you will need hands to do your work. If you lose your hands in an accident that was not your fault, you can claim compensation. It’s your right to claim compensation. Hand injuries can change your life devastatingly.

Any damage to the hands can affect your mental and physical ability too. As with the injured hand, you will not feel well to go to parties or meeting your friends.

What is a hand amputation?

First, you need to know what amputation is. Amputation is the removal of your limb due to the trauma or medical illness by doing surgery. Furthermore, the hand amputation is the removal of your hand due to the wound or other severe injuries due to the damage to the nerves.

Usually, hand amputation occurs due to the fatal accidents that involve heavy machinery. Industrial accidents are a significant cause of hand amputation. The person will not only suffer from physical pain, but he will also feel mentally emotional and disturbed.

Types of hand amputation

There are three types of amputation. Types of hand injury also depend on the trauma and the impact of trauma. The hand amputation types include:

  • Finger amputation – Any severe trauma or injury to the fingers may require amputation at the end of the fingers before the palm.
  • Partial amputation – This amputation involves the amputation of the fingers along with the palm.
  • Complete amputation – this amputation usually occurs near the wrist. In this, you will only have forearm with a stump

What to do after the amputation accident?

If you are involved in the accident that impacted you badly. You may completely change your lifestyle negatively. At this stage, you shouldn’t think about the hand injury compensation claim. You should get medical attention immediately. You need to call the police to report the accident. Although, due to any problem, If you don’t follow these steps, you may ruin your claim.

If more than one people are involved in an accident along with you, then you will need to get their contact details. It doesn’t matter that they are at fault or not; this will help you in the court hearings.

Hand amputation may occur due to various types of accidents.

Hand amputation at work

Work injuries can cause hand amputation. This brutal impact happens with the collision of heavy machinery. Furthermore, in some cases, we had seen that hand amputation may occur when your hand stuck. In the accident at work, your hand may be stuck in the pulleys or belts of the heavy machines. That’s why you need to train your staff correctly according to their work.

The employer also must provide their workers with a safe and secure environment. The employer should cover the belts, pulleys, and any uncovered assembly.

Hand amputation after a road accident

Road accidents can cause a variety of injuries, from which hand amputation is one. This injury is more traumatic and more severe than others. This injury can make you disable for a whole life. Common road accidents which can cause hand amputation to include:

  • Motorcycle accident
  • Car door accident
  • Head on collision
  • Vehicle to pedestrian collision

Seek the solicitor’s help

To register the claim against the liable person, you need to seek the help of the solicitor. You can consult with a personal injury solicitor. If you want to get a handsome compensation amount, then make sure that you seek the services of a professional personal injury solicitor.

You can claim for all damage you are suffering from. You can claim compensation for:

  • Medical expenses – you can claim all the medical expenses you face after the accident. Every injection, painkiller, hospital expenses will be counted here.
  • Earning losses – Due to the injury, how much you lose your earning. If the injury is severe, the loss of earning can be a lifetime.
  • Travel costs – All travel expenses in the form of ambulance, cabs, or trams for the claim or medical treatment will count here.
  • Care expenses – If you are in bad condition you may need the caretaker who remains near you 24/7 under the recovery process.
  • General body damage – All body damage you experience due to the injury will count here. You may also claim for the physical damage along with mental fear.

A personal injury solicitor might help you to get the appropriate compensation amount. He can also collect the evidence and contact with other victims of the accident. This will need to win the claim. Personal injury solicitor Bury can also pursue your case in the solicitor court.


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