Healing Prayers for Anxiety and Depression

Healing Prayers for Anxiety and Depression

When you have found this article, maybe you are experiencing a struggle with anxiety and depression. You are looking for ways to beat it and hope to find rest in battling with these negative emotions. Maybe you feel anxious about things that you are afraid of coming and you’re not prepared with you need to pray to God for anxiety and depression.

You feel a deep sadness inside you that you cannot trace back where it came from. Anxiety and depression are some of the common emotional struggles that humankind faces every day. So, if you are someone who is in this kind of situation, don’t feel alone. These negative emotions are inevitable in our life battle especially when we face whit great challenges and difficulties.

The good thing is, anxiety and depression are manageable. We can successfully overcome them if we know how to handle our emotions and gain control over them.

As Christian, when we feel depressed and anxious we automatically run through the Bible. We can also use Bible Prayer App. Read a plethora of verses to inspire us and look for the words that could give us strength and hope.

Some may have tried to undergo counseling, meditation, hangouts, and other exercises that may able them to forget things—for a while. I know this helps but most of the time we keep coming back on that situation. I’ve been through this, that is why I know just how the routine keeps going.

Until I came to the moment where I feel so tired and burdened. I have come to read and meditate on the word from Matthew 11:28Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I tried to understand and discovered how to get rest with the Lord? What should I do to obtain it? And I learned to do nothing.

I stopped thinking and learned to strengthen my trust in Him. This is what the Lord would like to say in this verse. It is also reflected in Matthew 6:33But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” We just have to put our focus on God and not on the things on this earth because God is ensuring to give all we need.

Therefore, what we really need to avoid encountering too much depression and anxiety is to strengthen our trust and relationship with God. Surrendering everything to Him will light up our burden. Learn to unload all your worries and fears by lifting them up to the Lord. And when I say lift them, it means you must stop thinking about them. Ignore things relating to them and believe that God will do the work for you. Just have faith.

Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you …” Our Lord loves us more than the other creatures, that is why He made us according to His image. We are His favorite masterpiece. We have to bear in our mind the Love He has for us to make us more trustful in Him.

When we keep our faith and trust in the Lord, we can find ourselves ignoring things that could make us worry and anxious. We will be filled with the Holy Spirit and we will start noticing that things are put into places without having too much work and thoughts coming from our control because God is making His way to fix our life as long as we are coming closer to Him.

We cannot control everything and God has designed us that way so we would have to need Him when things get hard on our end. We always have His back. We just have to trust Him and He will do the rest.

If you need rest, find a quiet place. Find time away from everyone and everything and take time to pray. This will not work overnight. You need to have focus and build a strong faith and genuine trust in God.

I know humans as we are, we always assume that we can control everything. We think that if do the work we can dictate what will happen. You have to start to believe that God will not forsake those who seek His righteousness. I trusted God completely and I found rest and peace in Him.

You may need to have this healing prayer for anxiety and depression. This can help you start your journey in surrendering to God and building trust in Him. I can assure you that if you learned to trust the Lord, you will overcome anxiety and depression. Nothing is impossible to God and He always listens to the prayers of someone who seek His presence.

A Prayer for Anxiety and Depression

Dear Lord,

Have mercy on me. I am here to ask for help from you. You are my source of strength and hope. Give me rest from all my burdens, fears, and worries. Take everything from me, my Lord. I lift them to your power and control. I give you my trust and faith. I want your peace and love alone. Grant me with a heart that desire to follow your will and be free from the desire of earthly things. I acknowledge my weaknesses and sins and I humbly ask for your forgiveness. Help me to live my life focusing on glorifying you and not myself. Help me to remove the feeling of entitlement in me and replace it with gratitude for all the things that I have.

Thank you, Lord, for your great love and promises that keep me strong and give me hope that everything in my life will be at peace and order. Remind me every day that nothing will happen that you and I cannot handle together. I trust you and I love you, Lord. And I believe that you are always with me. All this I pray, in the precious name of Jesus, your Son, and our Lord. Amen.


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