How Is Third-Party Inspection Benefiting Suppliers?


It usually happens that some suppliers tell the importers that they are not ready for third party inspection as they are having their own quality control services staff. But actually, every importer wants that their product should be properly inspected in order to keep them ready for the shipment.

Let’s discuss how the inspection process will help the supplier

First of all, tell them the benefits of inspection that how much is it helpful in order to maintain relations with their customers. Keeping in mind that, let’s focus on three benefits of third-party inspection.

Improved product quality

The major benefit of third party inspection service that is helpful for suppliers is the improvement in the quality of the product. It usually happens that inspection helps in finding the defect and that can easily be prevented. No matter what kind of defect is it, the inspection before shipping may help to solve the problem before creating it bigger.

Suppose there is an order of headphones which is handed over to airline flights. And this usually happens that the headphone may look properly fine from seeing outside but after looking inside they may result in various types of damages like shoddy wiring, press marks on the ear pads. And these issues may cause hurdle in the selling of the product.

So the third party inspection should be used in order to know which part of the production is responsible for the damage of the product. When the cause of the product would find out :

  • The customer would be more confident regarding their shopping as they can properly avoid the same defects further.
  • This would be beneficial for the suppliers as they will be able to improve their whole process and can entertain their customers by providing them safe products.

It is true that importers like to work with the supplier who allows third-party inspection as this will help them in the improvement of their processing. And the supplier who is not ready for the third-party inspection may be considered the culprit for hiding something important.

Third-party inspection works as a good consultant

It is required to know the benefits of third party inspection service. A third-party inspection always helps you out in the improvement of the product quality. And sometimes this happens that third-party inspection may suggest you the solution of the problems that will help you to prevent quality.

 Improved relationships with customers

Along with having benefits of third-party inspection for suppliers, the thing that should be taken into consideration is to improve the relationship with the suppliers

Unless or until the importer does not go through the status of the order, he would not be able to make sure about the payment. The same is the case with the suppliers who would not be able to receive feedback regarding the customer until the customer checks them properly. So, this may somehow result in bad relation with the customers.

Third-party inspection leads to less disruption

if you are an importer, it is required to visit your supplier, or you can also visit the place where the product is being manufactured. This is indeed the best way to settle a proper relationship with the people to whom you are dealing with. But always remember that your visit to the factory may cause disruption to some extent.

Let’s focus on the reasons which may arise when the importer travels to the factory in order to inspect the products directly:

  • We admit that the importer may be an expert in his product but it is not equally important that he would be that much expert in the inspection of the products. And this may happen that he would put fewer efforts.
  • The arrival of importer directly may result in the strange behaving of the factory workers in order to impress them, this may result in the poor results in terms of productivity.

Bottom line

So if you’re working with a supplier that’s reluctant to allow a third-party to inspect, remind them of these three main benefits. Any reasonable supplier should be able to appreciate the value you both can get from inspection.

So, in case you are working with this kind of supplier who is not in favour of third-party inspection, then let him know these above-stated benefits which may be helpful for them. By doing this, you would be able to insist any supplier get third-party inspection services.


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